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One Client. One Trainer. One Goal.

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At Fitness Together, we produce results from one simple formula: One Client. One Trainer. One Goal.

There's no question you'll get results. Our staff of certified personal trainers will create and implement an effective exercise routine centered around three main components:

  • Resistance training
  • A cardiovascular routine
  • Proper nutrition guidelines

In designing a custom fitness program with a Fitness Together personal trainer, you begin to understand why our clients keep at it long after others have dropped out of their gym. Our personal trainers help you teach your body to function more efficiently and effectively, while avoiding the inconvenience and distractions of a regular gym.

You have your own fitness goals.

  • Lose weight.
  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Run your first marathon.
  • Improve your golf game.
  • Keep up with your grandchildren.

The possibilities are endless.

At Fitness Together, you'll get a workout designed for you and a certified personal trainer who will push you just hard enough to get the results you've been looking for.


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Michelle Lawson, Billerica Ma
Its been 1 year and Michelle feels fabulous and a little lighter, 84lbs lighter!!*

I cannot say enough good things about Brendan and the Fitness Together team.  In August of 2012, I started my journey to become a healthier and better version of myself.  Originally my goal going into FT was to lose 50 pounds, maintain the weight loss, and overall become happier with myself.  I can say that I have gone above and beyond what I had set my mind to in the beginning stages of my transformation.  I can’t say that it was easy at first, because it wasn’t.  It took me a lot of dedication and motivation to keep going each and every time I walked through the doors at Fitness Together.  I remember being sore for every single day of the first three weeks of my one-on-one training.  Thankfully, this changed once I got into the groove of things because my body was getting adjusted.  Within three months of being a client I lost 23 pounds*.  I was shocked and impressed with myself and that was when I knew that I could keep going and get to my goal.  

A little over a year later and I have lost 84 pounds* in total and dropped 6 pant sizes*.  Something that has always stuck with me that Brendan had told me at the very beginning was that the number on the scale doesn’t matter, it’s how you feel about yourself! I feel fabulous, energetic, and determined to do anything I set my mind to! Fitness Together has helped me tremendously.  Never in a million years would I have thought I would run 5k’s, go to Bikram Yoga classes, test out spinning classes, hold a 6 minute long plank, and absolutely love working out.  Not to mention that all of the FT trainers push me to the limit whether it is in a one-on-one session or a group training session.  Each trainer at FT is amazing and they give great advice that has been beneficial to me in so many ways.  They have helped me mold myself on this journey and I am forever thankful for all that Brendan and the FT gang have done for me.  There’s no turning back to my old self, this version is here to stay!