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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Diane F.

Less Fat More Muscle

I have only been working out at Fitness Together for about a month and a half and I am amazed at how much better I feel physically and mentally in such a short time.  After about 8 sessions, I was thrilled to find out that I had lost body fat and gained muscle.  This is all thanks to Lonnie and his trainers, who from the start made it clear that my goals were just as important to them as they are to me.

The workouts are specifically tailored to my needs and challenge me to push past my limits.  The trainers are friendly, funny and keep me motivated even when I think I can’t go any further. I look forward to each workout and I miss the training when I can’t get there.  I leave the gym feeling energized like never before.  My clothes fit better, my body is more toned and I feel like a new person; all in a matter of a few weeks.*

I can’t imagine working out anywhere else, once you’ve trained at Fitness Together, nothing else comes close!     

Julie M.

All Ends Covered

I have been a Fitness Together client for about two years and I love it.  Lonnie and his staff provide personal attention to your goals and needs and make recommendations both on a fitness and nutrition level.  While the workouts are hard, I look forward to my weekly sessions with Lia.  The one-on-one attention is just what I need to remain committed to my goals.  It's a challenge but also fun and completing each session makes me feel great!

Terrie M.

They Wouldn`t Let Me Quit!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to commend Peter.  He is motivational and an excellent trainer. When I was ready to give up this portion of my journey to fitness he helped me to see that reaching my goal of weight loss needs to be looked at from various facets. First and foremost, giving myself permission to put myself first, which includes things that I can do at work and home to enhance my workout.  If you have a recognition program for your employees, Peter should be acknowledged.  He is an asset to your organization.

Adeola O.

A team of experts for the price of a trainer

I have been coming to Fitness Together Bronxville for 2 months now and my experience has been truly rewarding.  After many experiences with 'mega-gym' trainers, who have a one-size fits all methodology to training and fitness, working with Lonnie and his team of trainers has really been a treat.  The Fitness Together approach is tailor-made to my needs, leverages my strengths and challenges my weaknesses.  The program is comprehensive - diet/nutrition and exercise are synchronistic, one only works with the other, and the FT team constantly echoes this sound and effective philosophy.


As a busy professional, the flexibility in scheduling has been key to keeping me motivated and accountable to my results.  My FT trainers demand nothing less than my very best, but they coach me with good humor, professionalism and just the right dose of pressure - there are no excuses for not giving it your all. I am now beginning to get the results - I feel stronger, my energy level is higher and the biggest transformation is a mental one* - I am learning to push through my own boundaries...every time I fight for that last repetition!


Thanks FT Team.



Michelle M.

The Big Day

I recently got married and for our honeymoon we went to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Before the wedding and the trip I decided to enlist the help of Lonnie and the staff at Fitness Together to help me prepare.

After discussing my goals, the trainers put together workouts and a diet plan designed specifically for my needs.  They knew exactly which muscles to target, and which movements would benefit me the most. After each workout I could feel myself getting stronger and I noticed the difference in how my clothes (and wedding dress!) fit.* With their help I was able to maximize my workouts and reach my goals much faster than I would have on my own.

Both the wedding and the trip to Africa were huge successes. I felt fantastic about how I looked on my big day, and my husband and I made it all the way to the top of Kilimanjaro. Thank you Fitness Together!


Laraine G

Biathlon/Triathlon Success Once Again

I just wanted to shoot you guys a short note to let you know that I competed in the first race, the biathlon a few days ago- it was a 4 mile run and a 15 mile bike ride and I did manage to finish in 1 hour 59 minutes.

Hello  FT Bronxville Team

I hope that all of you are well

just wanted to send a word of thanks to the two trainers that worked with me.  The 3 months at FT really gave me a good foundation and some great conditioning.

Most importantly you made me realize that I can push myself farther than what I believe I’m capable of...that I can keep going when I think I need to stop..It was this one thing that got me over the finish line of this first race. The last 1/4 mile of the run I could barely breathe because it was very emotional for me, but I managed to recall and draw on those times when each of you encouraged me to push through the last reps of any given session.

 I was able to just keep it moving- and cross the finish line :) thank you so much- it was a small race but a great day for me!

The real challenge will be the Triathlon on July 11th! I feel ready though.

Thanks again


Alan P.

Not just personal training but private too

I am in my fourth year as a member of the Fitness Together gym in Bronxville New York. I have been training with Lia for essentially my entire time at FT.  The gym and my trainer are first class.  The training rooms are always neat, immaculate and ready.  The cardio machines are always available for off-time training.  The sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual client.  Lia is prompt, professional and completely aware of the status of her clients fitness level and tailors the workouts accordingly.  The workouts for me are always challenging, but never overwhelming. 

Janet S.

Just what the DR. ordered

Fitness Together

I had lived in Bronxville for twenty-seven years when I walked past a sign in front of a narrow storefront opposite the hospital last Spring.  It said something about getting into a smaller size of jeans.  That caught my attention.  Who wouldn’t want smaller jeans?  For some weird reason, I stuck my head in and discovered it was Fitness Together.   The head trainer, Lonnie Walton, came out of his office and greeted me.

It turns out that despite the narrow width, Fitness Together was a very deep space with two private gyms running back to back.  It was immaculate and attractive.  Lonnie, an incredibly fit and articulate man, explained that he designed custom workout plans and trained clients one at a time in the private space.  Now I have always been fascinated by The Biggest Loser.  I have always wondered what it would be like to have my very own Jillian or Bob.  Lonnie was a walking advertisement for his profession.  He obviously walked the walk.  Impulsively, I signed on for my first package.

What a great decision.  In the last couple of years, I have gotten heavily into ballroom dancing and Argentine Tango.  One of the byproducts of all that fun is pain.  At the time I had a hip and leg problem that flared up every time I tangoed and even kept me awake at night.  It had been bothering me for months.  I had tried massage and physical therapy.  Before my first session, Lonnie asked me about any aches and pains.  I told him about the shooting pains down my left leg.  He listened.  After a couple of sessions, the pain disappeared.  It has never returned even though I do tango all the time.*

After a break over the summer from Bronxville and Lonnie, I developed an upper back and neck issue.  Again, I returned to Lonnie and it magically abated.*

I’m not sure what he does.  But, he really knows his business.  And, he’s a blast to talk to.    Fitness Together and Lonnie should be the talk of the town.      

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Jennifer G.

Trainers make a great team

Sometime during every session at Fitness Together, I complain about how hard the work-out is, and how mean the trainers are.  But they push me, and I do it - and it's worked!  I've gotten really strong and I feel great about it (and the trainers are actually really nice).

Joe H.

Inspiring workouts

“Getting to the gym at 6:30 AM twice a week is not my idea of a good time but Rob’s boundless enthusiasm is infectious.  He pushes me further than I think I can go.”

Laraine G.

Triathalon Successfully Completed

Wanted to keep you posted on my Triathlon Goal..This past Sunday I completed my first triathlon and all I can say is What a thrill it was to cross the finish Line!!! It was by far the hardest thing ive pushed myself to do..and once again I am grateful for the physical training that I received at  FT provided for me and most importantly the mindset of "pushing thru" that they encouraged me to have. It was a1/3 mile swim, 14 mile bike ride  and a 3 mile run. I finished in exactly 2 hours and came in 15 minutes behind the leader in my age group..Not bad for a first timer - I am looking forward to building on the training that  FT has provided and improving that time.

Thanks so much



Lisa G.

Safety and results

  "With several injuries (knee, shoulder and back) I was worried about getting a trainer who would make the injuries worse, not better. Lonnie and his team listened and adapted my workouts accordingly. They know there is more than one way to get the results you need and want. That is not easy to find."

Rowena R.

They didnt sell me they trained me!

I'm so glad that I tried the personal training services at Fitness Together in Bronxville.   I have attempted a few times in the past and have not been able to stick to a gym workout regimen.   I've often felt lost in a gym setting, not feeling confident about which equipment to use and classes to take to get the results I envision I need.

At Fitness Together in Bronxville,  I felt comfortable the moment I walked in and immediately felt that I got the personalized attention.  Both Lonnie and Peter were focused on getting a good understanding of my health and fitness goals and set out to design a workout routine that is sustainable and flexible.  They made me feel motivated to execute on my fitness goals without the unnecessary "salesmen-like" pressure.

I feel energized after each session and feel lucky that i have access to a facility that offers an exercise program tailored specifically for my personal fitness goals. My trainer, Peter, while remaining committed to deliver, had no qualms adjusting the workout routine to accommodate my suggestions to make it interesting.  I feel that both Lonnie and Peter are invested in my success and committed to ensuring my workout experience adds value and makes a difference in my fitness performance.

I've had 6 personal training session at Fitness Together in  Bronxville and I'm a satisfied client.  I recommend Fitness Together as a very good option for those willing to invest in a fitness program that is custom designed towards the healthy and fit person one would like to be.

Stu R.

They keep me in the game

“While I have found it difficult  staying on a regimented fitness program on my own and I have good equipment at home, the team at Fitness Together not only keeps me focused on a varied fitness program pushing me as far as possible, they also give me encouraging support nutritionally!”