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May 9, 2019 by J. B.
"Everyone is friendly and the trainers are knowledgeable, always changing up the exercise routine. It has become an important part of my day."

May 3, 2019 by K. S.
"The fitness trainers are very knowledgeable and supportive. They vary the workouts to keep them challenging and you motivated. They provide helpful constructive feedback and are genuinely invested in helping you meet your goals. The atmosphere is friendly and stress free. The hours accommodate a busy work schedule and they are flexible should last minute arrangements need to be made. The choice of personal traininng, small group and drop in cardio are available to all members. I have been working 1-on-1 with my trainer and met my original goal in 3 months! I just renewed my members JKJK ip and set my new goal!"

Apr 15, 2019 by P. R.
"In the time that that I have been there I don’t think I have repeated a circuit the whole time Also you guys are very accommodating "

Apr 13, 2019 by J. O.
"One on one, so no hiding. Super nice staff. "

Apr 13, 2019 by S. T.
"personal training"

Apr 2, 2019 by R. P.
"It is a very relaxed atmosphere and the trainers not only accommodate the physical needs of the client but work to get to know the client's personal preferences - likes & dislikes (including what music they play during a work-out). They are all terrific and it is wonderful to be at a work-out with any of them. I have fun when I go!!!"

Mar 26, 2019 by K. W.
"Flexibility in scheduling Individualized training with consideration of limitations - both transient and permanent Upbeat mood, supportive attitudes from trainers Convenient location Offers nutritional support if needed"

Mar 19, 2019 by G. K.
"The trainers are fantastic!"

Mar 14, 2019 by K. B.
"The trainers at Fitness Together are committed to seeing their clients reach their fitness and weoght goals. "

Mar 14, 2019 by C. N.
"Individualized attention. "

Mar 8, 2019 by J. B.
"The trainers are great and will adapt the workout to fit any aches and pains."

Feb 18, 2019 by G. S.
"FT Beverly is the best place I have ever worked out at . The workouts are tailored perfectly for my old banged up body and the trainers provide positive enforcement which I sorely need ! these guys take great pride in their client's accomplishments and continue to push them to loftier goals . I highly recommend FT Beverly !"

Feb 15, 2019 by R. C.
"Great Trainers"

Feb 6, 2019 by T. S.
"Flexible scheduling, great workouts and a team of professional trainers challenging me to the next level. "

Feb 6, 2019 by P. R.
"I like the personal service I like the attitude of everyone there "

Feb 4, 2019 by J. L.
"awesome trainers!"

Jan 31, 2019 by R. P.
"I like that the exercises are customized to fit my needs. All the trainers are fun to work with and I feel very comfortable with them and trust their knowledge."

Jan 29, 2019 by B. S.
"personalized. convenient. responsive to my scheduling peculiarities"

Jan 23, 2019 by D. K.
" Thanks for motivating me to hit my goals. Love this place!"

Jan 18, 2019 by D. S.
"Supportive trainers"

Reviews Provided by Listen360