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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Super Bowl Party

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Super Bowl Party

  1. Bring a healthy side: You can't control how many of your friends will be bringing a vat of their famous spinach dip, but you can save a few calories by bringing a healthier treat that you can't wait to eat. Bring something calorie-conscious yet still delicious to the table.
  2. Get up, stand up: Yes, for some, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials, but that doesn't mean you can't watch while moving. Sitting for all those hours just isn't healthy, so instead of staying still, once you've found a seat on the couch, take a few TV breaks by making your rounds at the party or excusing yourself for a stretching session (just make sure you aren't distracting die-hard TV watchers in the process!).
  3. Alternate with water: There's nothing like a good beer to accompany a game of football, but all the celebrating can make you a little more than tipsy — not to mention bloated! Whether you're a cocktail, wine, or beer lover, limit the imbibing by alternating each drink with a tall glass of water. Drinking water regularly will help keep you mindful of just how many alcoholic beverages you're having and help you stay hydrated (no hangover here!).
  4. Take a reality check: Much of the Super Bowl celebrations revolve around the tasty potluck spread, but just because it's there doesn't mean you have to park yourself at the food table.
  5. Be active for the rest of the day: If you know you just can't miss a second of the action, make time for a workout either before or after the game. Go to the gym, walk to the party, or pop in a DVD when you get home to ensure you're combating your couch time with something healthy and active.
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