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Rick Coe Feb 21, 2016 Nutrition

Fitness Together now offers metabolic testing. Stop guessing how much you should eat to lose weight. Contact our studio to set an appointment to have your metabolism tested.

Billy Beyer, FT Basking Ridge Apr 20, 2014 Nutrition

When you hit the road for a personal or business trip, you often can run into major roadblocks in eating healthy and staying the course when it comes to nutrition. Before your next trip, pack the following tips with you so that you can successfully navigate your nutrition options whether you’re flying, road tripping or traveling for business meetings.

Dr Janet Brill Oct 8, 2013 Nutrition

As the leaves turn and the weather gets cooler, it’s tempting to turn to those not-so-healthy comfort foods. The good news is there are plenty of delicious comfort foods that you can fill your fall plate with and still celebrate the beauty of the season ... healthfully!

Megan Broda, HFS, NC Mar 3, 2013 Nutrition

Do you find yourself innocently settling into the couch at the end of the day when all of the sudden you are hit with a whammy of a craving for just a spoonful of delectable chocolate caramel ice cream? And before you know it, your spoon is hitting the bottom of the carton? I hear stories like this from our clients all the time. The good news is that there are actions we can start doing today that will quiet the cravings and help us reclaim control of our evening eating habits.

Meredith Minix Jan 22, 2013 Nutrition

’Tis the season for your new year’s resolution. If you are anything like me, you are waiting until after the Super Bowl bash to start your new diet. So whether you have already taken the dive into health and wellness for the new year, or are kicking off your own new season after the big game, here are some foods that you should have stocked in your kitchen – and of course, that you should be eating on a regular basis!

Rick Coe Jul 19, 2012 Nutrition

We can all take inspiration from the remarkable athletes competing in this year’s summer Olympic games (in London from July 27, 2012 to August 12, 2012). These athletes not only train their bodies and their minds to perfection, they also know that their nutrition plays a key role in the recipe for an Olympic champion. Training and competing in the Olympics involves an immense...

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