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What your sugar cravings REALLY mean

Nov 1, 2019

We all go through those periods during the day or week when our bodies crave certain foods. But what does this really mean? Even though we WANT a quick fix of sugar, chocolate or candy, it may not be what our body actually NEEDS. While grabbing that quick snack is always easy, the sustainability for energy is short lived and can lead to bad habits. Below we lay out some of our common cravings, what may be the cause of it, and what we can do to satisfy that craving in a nutritious way.

What you're craving: Cause/what you may be lacking: Healthy alternative

Cheese Calcium/fatty acids Kale and flax seeds

Pasta and bread Chromium Eggs and avocado

Toast Nitrogen Quinoa and grains

Sugary foods Tryptophan, sulphur, phosphorus Sweety potato

Chocolate Magnesium Raw cocoa nibs/whole grains

Popcorn Stress hormones Spinach & lean meats

Fizzy drinks Calcium Whole milk/almond milk

Red meat Zinc Dried fruits

Fatty foods Omega-3 Fish and seafood

Other potential causes of cravings include a lack of sleep, or even an imbalance in your gut bacteria. Next time you feel exhausted at work and just want to eat, go for a ten minute walk and see how you feel afterward! As for you gut bacteria, research has shown that consuming artificial sugar can cause your body to become dependent on it, which can cause your gut bacteria to reject new healthy foods that are introduced. The good news is, your gut can be retrained!

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Sources: Myfitnesspal (Elizabeth Millard) & Yoon Sann Wong


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