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Staying Active During the Winter Months

Dec 2, 2015

Winter is here and with that comes the Holiday season, and with that comes tons of family gatherings and copious amounts of food. While the holiday season is a great time to spend with family and friends, for those trying to stay fit and healthy it can pose a serious challenge. With a little help from your friendly Belmont Fitness Together personal trainers, and a little self-motivation, we are going to help keep you in the best shape of your life!

If you are currently working out 3 times a week at Fitness Together Belmont, consider scheduling an extra one on one personal training session consisting of some high intensity cardio, such as boxing or Tabata. Your personal trainer will help melt those extra pounds of sugar cookies and holiday pie! If you are feeling like you want some group support, hop into a small group personal training PACK class which is always a fun and challenging workout that will surely help burn calories!

Consider adding in an extra day of cardio into your normal routine. If you have no injury considerations, try incorporating some High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) on the days where you do not have a scheduled personal training workout. H.I.I.T training is considered strength training. It is high bouts of exercise coupled with low bouts of exercise. H.I.I.T can be done on any cardio equipment, but if you want an extreme version, try some treadmill H.I.I.T Sprints. Start off with 30-45 seconds of a speed you can handle but is incredible challenging, then change the speed to a slow walk for a minute. Do this 5-15 times and see how sweaty you are! Feel free to ask your certified personal trainer for more variations of this!

Get outside! Bundle up in layers and enjoy the winter. Running may still be possible at your local high school or college track. Try some snow shoeing which is an incredible workout. Of course, Skiing and Snowboarding are an excellent full body workout if you have the ability to get to a mountain!

Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more great tips and full body home workouts coming soon from your favorite personal trainers here at Fitness Together Belmont!


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