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Planking for a Purpose Rules and Times

Oct 29, 2014

Rules and Regulations

1. Participant can preform plank on their elbows or hands. You get three corrections on form and after that the plank will be ended. Time will be taken after participant ends.

2. Correct form includes hands/elbows directly under shoulders and a straight line from shoulder to ankles.

3. There will be one demonstration from your trainer on how to do the plank and then the plank will begin.

4. Anyone participating in the most creative planking photo must do the plank in the planking area.

5. You are welcome to use props but correct plank form must be used( straight line from shoulders to ankles and hands or elbows directly under shoulders).

6. Picture will be taken as soon as plank is preformed. You do not need to hold the

Creative plank for any certain amount of time.

7. All pictures of planks will be taken at the beginning of the plank.

8. Any one on one client is welcome to do the plank at the beginning of their scheduled session.

9. PACK clients, family, friends and anyone else who would like to participate can come in at schedule planking for a purpose times. Please refer to list in studio or on our website.

Planking for a purpose schedule

Monday November 3rd: 5:30am-7:30am


Tuesday November 4th: 5pm-7:30pm

Wednesday November 5th: 5:30am-9:00am

4:30pm– 7:30pm

Thursday November 6th: 7:30am– 9:00am


Friday November 7th: 1:30pm– 7:30pm

Saturday November 8th: 9am-1:00pm

* Only one plank can be done at one time. Estimated time of waiting in no more than 5min. If you need a time outside the set times please call or ask one of staff while your in the studio and we will try to accommodate you.


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