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Pets are good for your health

May 30, 2018

Pets are good for our health - from getting us to exercise by taking the dog for a walk, to calming our nerves, to lowering our blood pressure, our pets of choice can help keep us healthier and happier. An article on Mother Nature Network online discusses in detail research and reasons that pets help our health in twelve ways:

  • Pets help you live longer, healthier lives

  • Pets alleviate allergies and boost immune function

  • Pets up your fitness quotient

  • Pets dial down stress

  • Pets boost heart health

  • Make you a social — and date — magnet

  • Provide a social salve for Alzheimer's patients

  • Enhance social skills in kids with autism

  • Dampen depression and boosts mood

  • Defeat PTSD

  • Fight cancer

  • Put the kibosh on pain

To read more detail about the health benefits of having a pet, you can find the article on

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