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Outside Workout Fun

May 21, 2015

Outside Workout fun

Take advantage of the nice weather and workout outside! If you don't have a personal trainer to help write you some outside workouts, here are a couple of things to try from the trainers at Fitness Together Belmont.

1. Trail Running/walking: This is a good way to change up your route, challenge yourself, and increase your fitness.

2. Go for sprints at your local track: Running on a track will help you alleviate joint pain by running on a soft surface. This will also allow you to work on speed.

3. Go to the playground: It is not just for kids. Personal trainers often recommend using the monkey bars to challenge your core and upper body strength. Can't do a pull up? Hang from the bar and do some leg raises.

4. Tabatas: Pick an activity such as pushups, squats, jumping jacks and go outside and do 8 rounds of 20s on and 10 s off. This is a great way to do a outside workout without any equipment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your favorite Belmont personal training studio, Fitness Together Belmont, with any questions.

Have fun!


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