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October Client of the Month- Elizabeth Cheever

Oct 14, 2016

Training Frequency: One 1:1 and 2 PACK sessions per week!

Cardio Frequency: In preparation for a half marathon, Elizabeth has been running 5 times a week and cross training 1 day, taking Sundays as a rest day!

Nutrition: Elizabeth has been focusing on eating 5 times a day where 30-40% of her calories are from protein.

Results: After her first fitness assessment, Elizabeth lost body fat, increased her flexibility, and raised her push ups score by 7! Great job!

How Fitness Together has helped: Elizabeth feels stronger since working out at FT- she can tell that both her legs and arms are stronger!

A story you'd use to describe your favorite or worst experience at Fitness Together: "My favorite experience is when I emailed Joe to ask if we could box during my pack during my birthday week. It is a testament to the dedication of the trainers that Joe accommodated my request and several other trainers checked in on me after to see how i enjoyed boxing. The support I feel from all the trainers, even the ones I've never trained with, is wonderful."


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