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June Client of the Month:Maurice Rubino

June Client of the Month:Maurice Rubino

Training Frequency:
Maurice comes in twice a week for a
one-on-one session.

Cardio Frequency:
He does cardio six to seven times per week and is even beginning to run!

Maurice has followed the nutrition guidelines that were given at his initial assessment. We recommended 50% Carbohydrates, 30% Fats, and 20% Protein from his daily calorie intake.

Maurice has lost over 7% body fat and 6 inches total off of his waist and hips! He has also improved his flexibility by 30% and has increased the number of push ups and sit-ups!

How Fitness Together has helped:
Accountability, focused training, and nutrition. Maurice's "eating habits have improved, and exercise is now enjoyable!" "I committed and followed through with a 5K run, something I had never done before." Fitness Together has given Maurice the motivation to focus his training and improve his time!

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