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January 2016 Client of the Month- Charlotte Rose!!

Feb 9, 2016

Training Frequency: 3-4 one-on-ones a week!

Cardio Frequency: 4-5x per week; a minimum of 45 minutes to 60 minutes! Charlotte recently started running and has been doing 2-4 miles when she does cardio.

Nutrition: Charlotte eats 4 well balanced meals a day. It is still a work in progress but it is much easier since coming to FT Belmont. She is eating less carbs than before and way more protein. Charlotte is reading nutrition labels on packages to make better decisions, and hasn’t had potato chips in 3 months!

Results: Charlotte has lost 4.5% Body Fat since she started at FT, has gone down 3 inches in her waist, her strength has increased tremendously, and she has started to run again! Charlotte has more energy, more endurance, and no more pain in joints. She is way more self-confident now as well! Go Charlotte!

How Fitness Together has helped: FT-Belmont has given me motivation to exercise, from the staff to the clients. Everyone is so friendly, non-judgmental and encouraging that she enjoys coming in to workout. The trainers hold her accountable to form better habits with nutrition, workouts, and goals. FT has motivated Charlotte to run her first 5k in 2016 and do ONE REAL Pull up and Push up!


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