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Include a functional workout to your routine!

Include a functional workout to your routine!

FT Belmont

You train your heart by doing cardio most days of the week. That's great!

You strengthen your muscles by including several resistance-based workouts each week. Excellent!

But are you also being sure to work out in ways that will improve and enhance your ability to do the everyday things that you come across in life? To carry the groceries, lift the baby, and even tie your shoes? Everything from gardening to moving furniture can result in injury if done improperly, or if your body doesn't have the core strength, flexibility, and general mobility to get the job done right, without straining or hurting yourself.


  • Cardio for the heart and more.
  • Resistance training for the skeletal muscles and more.
  • Functional training for mobility and more.

And remember - these three aspects of a well-rounded workout routine are not mutually exclusive. You can train with weights in such a way that you are also getting cardio benefits, or perform resistance training that helps your flexibility and balance at the same time. Stretching is also an important element of functional training - flexibility and mobility, along with muscle loss, are some of the most common complaints of people as they age, or if they have fallen out of regular activity.

Let us help you figure out a great workout schedule that will benefit every part of you, including your brain and mind (remember, the oxygen and serotonin increases that you get from working out will also help you feel better).


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