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February 2016 Client of the Month- John Mahon!

Feb 13, 2016

Training Frequency: 2 one-on-ones a week!

Cardio Frequency: 4x per week for 40 minutes!

Nutrition: While Sarah tells him to eat more vegetables, and Shane says to eat more protein, John decides to eat cereal, protein bars, and burgers.

Results: John has met his goals of being able to do a pull up AND bench pressing 185lbs!

How Fitness Together has helped: As a client at Fitness Together for 8 years, John has improved his stability and strength in his muscles to combat the effects of his cerebral palsy.

The one thing that would make his Fitness Together experience better: To have a word that would make Shane stop singing!

Best and Worst experience at Fitness Together: Best: Seeing how far he has come since he first started. Worst: Whenever Brian says “It’s all downhill from here!”


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