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December Client of the Month: Vandana Palreddy

Dec 15, 2014

Training Frequency: Vandana started training at Fitness Together 2x/week and is now up to 4-6x/week!

Cardio Frequency: Vandana is a cardio machine! She consistently does 5-6hrs/week doing 70 minute sessions.

Nutrition: She is a vegetarian so getting protein can be a challenge. Since starting at Fitness Together, Vandana has been working towards eating 5 meals a day and increasing her protein intake to a level needed to support her exercise routine.

Results: Vandana’s strength and muscle tone have increased since working out at Fitness Together. She has lost body fat while increasing muscle mass at the same time. Great job Vandana! Not only that, but she is now doing more crunches and sit ups than when she began. Her confidence when working out alone has gone up a lot as well.

How Fitness Together has helped: Vandana has always enjoyed her cardio routine but came to FT to learn how to incorporate more strength training into her routine. Her goal was to learn how to perform strength training with good form as well as increasing her confidence with weight training. “The trainers have been great at answering my questions and breaking down movements. This has helped me so I understand what to do and what to look for in regards to form when I am working out on my own. They provided me home workouts that I could practice and come back with questions. This has definitely helped me learn quickly and feel more independently.”


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