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Dan Scharfman Memorial Run 2018

Sep 15, 2018

Join our Fitness Together Belmont Team for the Dan Scharfman 5k on September 30th at 8am. Sign up in the studio and run with us! As always run with our team and wear a FT Belmont T-shirt and will pay your sign up fee. Who's in?

In January 2013, Dan Scharfman, a pillar of the Belmont community, passed away suddenly. He was 55. A father of two and an elected member of The Belmont School Committee and Belmont Town Meeting, Dan was a tireless advocate for the Belmont Public Schools.

An IT professional by training, Dan was a life-long learner who used his skills to help non-profit organizations and charities to make the most of technology. And, as an avid runner, marathoner and ultra-marathoner, Dan was a common sight on the Belmont streets, just as he was a constant presence at town and school events.

Dan was irreplaceable. But out of the shock and sadness of his passing came the energy and resolution to honor his memory in a way that reflected his passions and values. In a few short months, the Dan Scharfman Memorial Run, a 5K race sponsored and organized by the Foundation for Belmont Education, was born.


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