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Clients of the Month: Jan and Mary Beth

Feb 8, 2012

Jan Rutkowski and Mary Beth Dynan

Training Frequency: J: 2-3 x week MB: 3x a week GO PACKS!

Cardio Frequency: J: 3-4 x week for 30-45 minutes MB: I walk 6 days a week, including 80 minutes on Sundays.

Last Fit Assessment: 11/29/2011

What kind of results have you seen since beginning here at Fitness Together:

J: Really good. I also started Weight Watchers just before starting at FT. Doing both is getting me great results.

MB: I’ve lost 22 pounds, dropped a couple of sizes, and feel great.

What do you feel Fitness Together has helped you with the most?

J: On the nutrition side, size and frequency of meals. On the training side – form and variety of exercises keeps me engaged.

MB: FT Trainers always challenge me to work harder than I think I can. They wont let me use poor form or cheat so I feel safe taking on the challenge.

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

J: Using proper technique and form.

MB: These first couple of weeks came with a bit of muscle soreness from using muscles I hadn’t used in a while. There’s a lot less of that after 3 months. I also feel more confident that I can handle whatever evil these trainers throw my way!


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