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Client of the Month: Melissa Mintz

Jul 16, 2015

Training Frequency: Melissa does three, one-on-one sessions in the studio per week!

Cardio Frequency: She does cardio three to four times per week; after her sessions and on her own! She also golfs at least once per week and walks eighteen holes!

Nutrition: Melissa is doing a low carb, high fat diet. She eats three meals a day.

Results: Everyone at Fitness Together has seen an incredible physical change in Melissa’s body shape and mentality. She is more confident in and out of the studio, and she even finished her first 5K in 17 years with the encouragement of Paula and Brian! Great job Melissa!

How Fitness Together has helped: Through encouragement and meaningful motivation, everyone at Fitness Together has made Melissa accountable for her goals, whether they are short term or long term goals. Melissa loves that there are so many resources available for her. Brian has been incredibly helpful with trying to fit the workouts and nutrition to Melissa’s specific needs. They have worked together to change calorie intake, tried steady state cardio versus interval training, and with that she has lost 16 pounds!


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