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Client of the Month for September: Doug Sturz

Sep 12, 2015

Training Frequency: Doug comes to the studio two times per week for one on one sessions.

Cardio Frequency: For the last month, he has been doing cardio almost everyday and walks about 40 miles a week. Not only that but he has a pretty good pace too- as he does it in 10 hours. Great job Doug!

Nutrition: Nutrition is hard for Doug."I too easily succumb to temptation. Mostly I try to be good and avoid being bad. When I am bad I try to compensate with extra cardio."

Results: Doug has lost 9 pounds! He is very excited and has not seen this number is 20 yrs. More importantly his blood pressure has gone from Borderline high to Normal! Awesome job!

How Fitness Together has helped: He likes the accountability and support he gets at Fitness Together. When he falls off the horse he likes how everyone is very supportive, positive and focused on getting him to his ultimate goals. Doug loves the little social times he has doing exercises up and down the hall and being able to show new clients it can be done. "They are all working as a team to help clients get healthy and fit."

Great job Doug! You are amazing! Keep up the good work!


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