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Client of the Month: Deb Bernstein

Client of the Month: Deb Bernstein

Training Frequency: During the Summer Unlimited, Deb trains 5 times a week, including 3 strength training sessions, 1 yoga, and 1 stretch session. During the rest of the year, she trains 3 one-on-one sessions per week and an occasional PACK

Cardio Frequency: Deb walks just about every day of the week, averaging 3 to 5 miles each day. On the weekends, she enjoys longer walks and hikes with her walking and hiking groups.

Nutrition:Deb eats four balanced meals each day, maintaining consistency with her nutrition.

Results: Deb has been a client here at Fitness Together for over 8 years. In this time, she has been able to maintain her health and fitness. This allows her to continue to walk and hike with ease.

How Fitness Together has helped:“As I am getting older, my ultimate goal is to not be dependent on anyone. Fitness Together keeps me on track to do this.”

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