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Client of the Month- Vandana Palreddy!

Aug 18, 2016

1. How often do you workout at FT? I am currently doing the Summer Unlimited promotion so I am in the studio 5-6 times per week for 1:1 sessions. Otherwise, I am usually in 2-3 times per week.

2. How often and for how long do you do cardio at FT and on your own? I usually do 4-5 hours of cardio per week on my own. I change the amount of time based on the number of sessions I do at the studio.

3. What does your daily nutrition look like? I'm a vegetarian who eats a limited amount of eggs so I try to focus on making sure I'm getting protein at all my meals. Typically I eat 3 meals a day with 1-2 smaller snacks during the day.

4. What do you feel FT has helped you with the most? The trainers have helped me get out of my comfort zone and focus more on strength and power. I love the different types of workouts that have been designed for me--I never get bored!

5. How do you think you have most improved since working with FT? I have definitely gotten leaner and stronger since working with the trainers at FT.

6. What would be a story you use to describe your favorite or worst experience at FT? My most recent experience doing more endurance workouts has been a lot of fun! I've started doing a boxing routine that has proven challenging for both the trainers and me--I'm not the most graceful so its been humbling learning how to move my body differently.

Results: Since Vandana’s first Fitness Assessment at FT, she has decreased her resting heart rate, decreased her body fat by 3%, and has lost inches across the board! Way to go V!!


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