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Client of the Month- Priyanka Thakkar!

Client of the Month- Priyanka Thakkar!

Training Frequency: 3-4 Pack Sessions per week!

Cardio Frequency: 3x per week for 30-45 minutes!

Nutrition: Priyanka has 5 small meals per day at consistent intervals!

Results: Priyanka is one of our latest winners of the great jeans challenge! Over 8 weeks, she lost 13 inches! Since shes been a client at Fitness Together, she has lost 6.1% body fat!

How Fitness Together has helped: Accountability!! Very motivating and full of positive encouragement!

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together: Improved strength, ability to hold a plank longer, improved overall energy, and better performance in my pack sessions!

The one thing that would make his Fitness Together experience better: Nothing- The FT Team has a holistic approach that works!

How would you describe your best experience(s) at Fitness Together? My favorite experience has been my latest Fitness Assessment with Shane! I enjoy all my sessions with Joe and Sarah! You all make a great team together, and I am really thankful for all of you :-)

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