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Client of the Month- Mariya Treisman!

Sep 16, 2016

1. How often do you workout at FT? 3-5 one on one sessions per week.

2. How often and for how long do you do cardio at FT and on your own? 3-5 days per week, 30-60 minutes each!

3. What does your daily nutrition look like? I eat every four hours, and do so with much greater thought since starting at FT!

4. What do you feel FT has helped you with the most? FT has made fitness a regular part of my life since moving to the area one year ago. It has made my routine much more intentional and focused.

5. How do you think you have improved since working with FT? Strength training is now a regular part of my fitness routine and I now plan– and sometimes weigh– my meals.

6. What would be a story you use to describe your favorite experience at FT? In general, my favorite thing about FT is that the trainers both challenge me and meet me where I am. For example, my daughter has gotten to join me on a couple of occasions when I didn’t have any child care. The workout didn’t suffer, and my daughter got to see me working hard. I always feel both challenged and empowered– that’s a hard balance to strike!


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