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Celebrate the Summer Solstice and all it means!

Jun 20, 2018

June 21st is the Summer Solstice this year - that day when we get the most sunlight of the year (over 15 hours, to be nearly exact!).

Spend part of the day doing something healthy and active to celebrate. Here are some ideas, influenced by the special events of various ancient civilizations:

1. Celebrate the ancient Olympics and try a new routine outdoors, with the ancient Greek sporting event as your guide. (The Solstice was used to mark one month from the opening of the Games.

2. Celebrate home and family by doing a bunch of yard work, or starting a home renovation project. Both solstices (summer and winter) are a time that the ancient Romans celebrated home, heart, and family. So start an active gardening project or home renovation project with your loved ones!

3. Since we were talking about gardens... Plant a big tree, or a bunch of smaller ones! Not only will you be getting some whole-body exercise, but you will also be celebrating the Earth, as the ancient Chinese did.

4. Dance around a bonfire on Solstice Night!! Be safe, but build a bonfire (in your fire pit, or other enclosed, fire-safe structure), gather with friends and family, as did the ancient Scandinavians (aka, The Vikings), and for the New World twist, spend your time dancing and trying to catch lightning bugs!

5. Speaking of dancing, you could combine parts opf the previous two suggestions and celebrate the Summer Solstice in a way similar to that of some Native American tribes, like the Sioux. Instead of (or maybe in addition to) dancing around a fire, these groups would celebrate the changing of the season and new beginnings with elaborate ceremonial dances around a tree. celebrating, energy, changes, and activity all at once!

6. Prepare for the upcoming summer months by planning an active trip. And don't forget to bring sunscreen and lots of water! Maybe travel to the English countryside for some hiking and dancing around Stonehenge, as the Druids did. Or maybe take a more modern approach by planning a hiking/rafting trip down the Colorado River, or maybe planning a hiking trip in Banff, if you prefer cooler weather... Or paddleboarding and snorkeling in Belize... Or kayaking on the Cape... Or whitewater rafting down the Penobscot River in Maine.

Whatever you do on the Solstice, and whatever you plan for this summer, make sure you have fun. And stay active and healthy!

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