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Cardio Club Summer Shred 2017

Jul 24, 2017

Currently our challenge of the month is the cardio club we have going on! To those of you participating in it be sure to be tracking your points and getting your team mates to come in the same day as you so you can all get double points! Currently team 2 (Maryann Belskis, Jessie Bennett and Carol Manning Chicarello) is in the lead with 62 points! Team 3 is in second place with 46 points (Kathleen Frappier, Anisha Dalta and David Clayman)! And teams 1 (Rebecca Connelly, Andrew Gutterman and Adriaan Lanni) and Team 4-(Marie Farrar, Melissa Mintz and Abigail Myers) are in a close race for 3rd place. Good job guys!


We will pair you in teams of 3.

All night time people will be paired with night time people, same goes for the morning people. This will optimize your chances of achieving more points.

Cardio can be done outside of the studio. You must wear your polar heart rate Monitor, be connected to Polar Flow and stay in the yellow or red zone. This will let us check and make sure you did the cardio.

Every 30 minutes equals 1 point

A trainer will record your points at the end of your cardio session you and team have done. They will convert every 30 minutes into 1 point. There will be a sheet to record your points on the board, which is where the trainer will update the information on a daily basis.

The team with the most points at the end of the month will win a prize

The top three winners of last month’s cardio club cannot be on the same team.

This is a team activity so even on your off days you are more than welcome to get together with you team to rack up points.

If your team-mate cannot make it you can still do cardio for the points.

If all three members are present the same day you receive double points for that day!But you must be doing it together.

If you want 2 points then you must do one hour of cardio. Not 55 minutes or 58 minutes that will still count as 1 point. A full hour. Stay dedicated and true to yourself.

Start date July 19th to August 31st


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