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April Client of the Month: Jillian Hannon

Apr 10, 2015

Training Frequency: Jillian is in the studio three to four times per week doing PACK sessions and cardio!

Cardio Frequency: She does four to five cardio sessions per week, even after cardio PACK's!

Nutrition: She eats four to five small meals per day during the week.

Results: Jillian has improved her strength and endurance while working hard during the PACK's and by sticking to her cardio. So far, Jillian has lost 4 inches off of her waist, and over 25 pounds! Keep up the great work!

How Fitness Together has helped: "I enjoy coming to Fitness Together for my workouts. Even though the PACK's are challenging, I feel great after." Jillian loves that the trainers are supportive and helpful!


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