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Add some music to your routine!

Aug 10, 2018

A recent study, conducted by Marcelo Bigliassi and colleagues and presented in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, reports that, while music during your workout may not make you push harder, or focus more, it does make your training session more enjoyable. Which means you may stay at it longer, and return to your workouts more often.

Which is all we ask of you!

In the researchers’ small study, they examined the EEG brain waves of study participants who walked outdoors on a short track, at their own pace. One group listened to nothing but the ambient sounds of the outdoors, a second group listened to a TED Talk podcast, and a third group listened to music. The researchers also assessed the subjects’ level of attention and how fatigued they felt.

Statistical analysis of the participants’ brain waves during this activity showed that those who listened to music enjoyed their exercise 13% more than those who listened to a TED Talk, and a whopping 28% more than those who listened to only the ambient sounds around them.

So, take a cue from this study, and if you find yourself dragging through your routine, or even trying to talk yourself out of starting it at all, turn up the tunes!! It might help!


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