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Just DOing It!

Sep 3, 2010

I read a T shirt the other day. It said “If you would have left when you first thought about it, you’d be back by now!” How true! How many times do we sit there and think, “I need to get to the gym”, or “I need to go for that run”? How much time is spent waiting for that perfect moment to come along and motivate us enough to get us out the door? You have a little more coffee, read a little more of the paper, and check Face Book one more time. The next thing you know your morning is gone. We then start the argument with ourselves whether we actually have enough time. After all, we have a BUSY day ahead of us! Keep these things in mind the next time you find yourself needing a bit of a nudge to get yourself going.

* The getting going is the hardest part. Remember how good the work out actually feels, and how good you feel when you are done!

* The mind stimulation is a better than that second cup of coffee and your loved ones won’t have to peel you off the ceiling mid-morning.

* Every hour of exercise you do, adds two hours to your life. That leaves more time for Face Book!

* The workout will energize you for the rest of your day leaving you with plenty of zip to get that laundry or the yard work done!

* The guilt that you will feel by NOT doing it will leave you feeling like a slug, so just get it over with already!

It is funny all of the time we spend making ourselves more attractive and don’t think about how much time it takes in our day. Showers, shaving, creams, lotions, and gels, we know I could go on and on. Make fitness a part of your daily maintenance and put it on your personal care to do list. It is hard to get out of the door, which IS the hardest part. Just remember, it takes less time to workout that is does to have a manicure, and is MUCH less painful than a wax, so just DO it already! Maybe that should be a T-shirt?


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