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5k Season

May 22, 2015

5k Season

5k Season is among us. If you have decided you want to run a 5k it might seem like an overwhelming task. A good personal trainer and program can get you to your goals. If you do not have a personal trainer here are some things you can do to get started.

1. Start with a 3 mile walk. Just getting out there and getting the miles in is the most important thing when training for a race.

2. Find a route with some hills. Even if the race you are doing is flat, training on hills will help you enhance your performance.

3. Once you are comfortable with walking, start doing intervals of walk and run. Try walking one block and running then next. Whatever you do, don't stop moving.

4. Gently increase your running time and decrease your walking time until you can run the whole 3.2 miles :-).

If you have any questions about personal training and how to get started please give us a call 617-484-9048


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