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5 Tips to Make Cardio Fun!

Jun 27, 2014

1 / Break Up The Routine

Try breaking up your 60 minute routine into three 20 minute exercises.

  1. Treadmill : 20 minutes
  2. Ellipitial: 20 minutes
  3. Stationary Bike Sprints: 20 minutes

2 / Bring That iPod

Music will definitely make the time go faster. Bring a wide range of music. Music with high beats per minute like dance music and rock will help you through the intense cardio. Slower songs are great for cooling down.

3 / Do Your Cardio With A Partner

Having a training partner to help motivate you can be very helpful. Just make sure to not get distracted and lose the intensity of the workout. Your ultimate goal is to burn calories, so keep the conversation down and the intensity up!

4 / Include Interval Training

Switching between running and walking will keep your heart rate moving up and down. This will help burn more calories and make the time go faster.

5 / Try A High Intensity Dance Class

Try Zumba or one of our Fitness Together Dance Packs! A full dance class will leave you drenched in sweat with tons of calories burned.


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