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3 stretches to do before bed

Oct 16, 2019

We often neglect to release our bodies at the end of a long day, whether it be moving all day, or sitting stationary at a desk. Try these three moves before bed 2-3 times per week before bed, or even when you first wake up to release tension, acknowledge how your body is feeling and taking a minute to yourself!

1. Butterfly stretch

Sit up tall with your heels pressed into one another and let your knees hang to the side. With your back flat, shoulders back and chest tall, place your hands on your ankles and slowly lean forward. This stretch engages your inner thighs and hips.

2. Child's pose

Sit with your knees spread wide and the top of your feet down into the floor. Sit your hips down and back, releasing the lower back and placing your forehead flat on the floor. Extend your arms long in front of you and spread your finger tips. This exercise is great for releasing your lower back and shoulders and winding yourself down from a long day.

3. Lower back twist

Sit up tall and pull your right knee close to your chest, extending the left leg out in front of you. Place your left elbow around your knee, pull your belly button to spine and twist your low back to face the right side of the room. Deepen your twist with each exhaled breath. This stretch is effective for releasing your glutes, hamstrings and low back.


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