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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Oct 3, 2020 by R. M.
"We are very excited about working with Fitness Together on a customized program. JD is very knowledgeable about what we need to do to live a healthier life style. Thank you, Robin and Denny"

Sep 8, 2020 by W. L. J.
"Customized Training Programs based on the specific needs of each client. Professions staff with outstanding delivery skills"

Aug 30, 2020 by D. M.
"Very clean facility. I feel 100 percent safe coming here. Everything is cleaned right in front of me so I know it is happening. "

Aug 5, 2020 by D. M.
"It’s tailored to my goals. "

Jun 29, 2020 by D. M.
"Everyone is friendly. They listen and adjust as needed. Clean gym "

Jun 18, 2020 by D. B.
"Travis is the best trainer I have ever had."

Jun 3, 2020 by D. M.
"The one on one training. "

May 28, 2020 by L. W.
"Excellent staff. We're happy to be back opened up"

May 17, 2020 by V. B.
"Even before the Covid-19 pandemic I was always impressed with how clean JD and his staff kept the studio. And before the state shut down, they were going above and beyond recommendations for cleaning and distancing. Once the studio was shut down, it didn’t take JD more than a day or two to reach out to all his clients, offering virtual workouts (which have been Great!!) and lending available equipment to anyone who needed it. We are all excited to get back in the studio. I’m confident JD and his staff will maintain their high standards and comply with all the CDC recommendations to reopen safely. "

Apr 19, 2020 by D. B.
"Travis is a phenomenal trainer who is very devoted to his clients and his profession. I appreciate how much he is providing a service while safely social distancing. "

Mar 22, 2020 by M. B.
"Personal in each member"

Mar 19, 2020 by S. L.
" I like the one-on-one training in the small, well-equipped space. The studio is clean and the equipment is well-maintained. My trainer, Tyler, pushes me without hurting me. When I'm sore, it's a good sore and never a pulled muscle or injury. "

Mar 19, 2020 by K. P.
"Great facility and very structured workout with solid professional coaching."

Mar 6, 2020 by V. K.
"Great atmosphere, really helpful and knowledgeable "

Mar 4, 2020 by V. B.
"Clean workout areas. One on one training. All trainers very knowledgeable about nutrition. "

Mar 1, 2020 by L. W.
"Excellent trainers "

Feb 22, 2020 by J. D.
"JD and his team continue to provide quality work outs in a great environment."

Jan 23, 2020 by B. B.
"They really customize workouts for your goals. Great trainers who are very professional & extremely knowledgeable. I have been working out with them almost 8 years. Love every minute of it. Would highly recommend them. "

Jan 18, 2020 by S. L.
"Personal attention; knowledge of trainer; clean facility"

Jan 1, 2020 by V. B.
"Trainers get to know you personally and tailor the workouts to what your specific goals are. In addition to the workouts, the trainers are very knowledgeable about nutrition and different eating programs to further help you achieve your goals."

Reviews Provided by Listen360