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What are Activity Trackers?

Jul 20, 2016

Through the years of dealing with hundreds of clients something that we have realized is that most people go through life completely unaware of how active or in most cases how inactive they truly are. Amongst all of the things going on in our daily lives sometimes our activity level is the last thing that we pay attention to. Having something that can keep our activity level at top of mind could be extremely beneficial in not only keeping you in good health but also getting you into even better shape than before.

Activity trackers bring many benefits if used correctly and consistently. Further, they can be used for people of all different ability levels and can be used to achieve all types of goals. They are not meant for just any one type of person.


#1 Set it and Forget it.

Activity trackers can be really great because in most cases all you have to do is wear it. The only time that you will need to fiddle with it is when you are beginning and ending your workouts. Trackers these days are almost completely wireless, they connect to your phone through bluetooth and update automatically and don’t require constant attention.

#2 Highly Customizable.

There really is a lot of different things that can be done with activity trackers. Obviously measuring things such as steps taken and your heart rate during exercise are the main focus. However, activity trackers can really help with giving you a great idea how many calories your burning on a daily basis so you can make adjustments with your diet if needed. Further, activity trackers can even break down your heart rate levels during your workouts so you know exactly how long you’ve spent in each burn zone; this can really help you better use your time while your working out!

#3 New Level of Accountability.

If you’ve ever worked with a personal trainer before you know that having somebody watching and paying attention to everything you do makes you push just a little bit harder than if you were by yourself. Accountability can be a huge factor when determining the amount of success you have. As personal trainers, we love the added accountability we can provide to our clients with the use of activity trackers. We can know see what your doing even when you’re not in the gym with us. Anything that gives us more advantage is a good thing in our book!


#1 Can be Expensive.

Activity trackers these days do more than just count your steps, they now come with an array of things that they can track and measure such as heart rate and calories burned. With the new technology comes a heftier price in most cases. Your typical activity tracker can cost you anywhere from $99 up to $400 depending on the brand and model.

#2 Must Keep Up With It.

Just like everything else, activity trackers require you to consistently use them. Otherwise it will make it very difficult to measure out your successes and more importantly to find ways to get more results.

#3 Can become out-dated quickly.

Just like your computers, cell phones, and pretty much anything in the technology world it doesn’t take long for things to go out of style or get out dated. Activity trackers can be the same way, who knows what things companies will come up with next to make the next generation of activity trackers more useful and sexy.

In conclusion, activity trackers can be an incredibly useful tool to keeping health and fitness a top priority. And like most things it does require some attention and will require you to stay focused and attentive to your activity level. As long as you take it seriously and continue to work on keeping yourself focused and motivated you’ll do just fine.

JD Christie, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


JD is dedicated to living a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. “I enjoy challenging each client to bring out and utilize their full potential so they can live healthier and happier lives.”


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