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Travis Madonna, Certified Personal Trainer

Mar 28, 2016

I was born and raised in New Port Richey, Florida. As a child, sports and fitness were at the core of family life for me. My father was a lifelong athlete and didn't skip a beat when he was paralyzed during a motorcycle accident in his twenties. He made a conscious decision to continue on his athletic journey regardless of this hardship. In following years, with the dedication to train daily and learn new skills, he became a top wheelchair race competitor. We traveled all over the US and Europe for races. He was even featured in a commercial that aired during the Olympics! One of the most important things that I learned through watching my father compete was that, everyone has the potential for fitness; there are no barriers, only challenges. My goal is to share this same sense of empowerment with my community and each of my clients, everyday.

I had the fortune of participating in many sports throughout middle and high school. I was involved in competitive soccer, football, and track. I always knew that I wanted a career in the fitness industry, so I perused study and certification through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) in 2014. I enjoyed personal training so much that I wanted to broaden my scope to group practice. I perused and group fitness instruction certification in January of this year. I am currently studying to become functional movement systems (FMS) certified. My favorite areas of study include athletic strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and nutritional science.

My fiancé, Kaila and I enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities with our two pups, Henry and Eva. We spend our free time hiking, playing soccer, doing yoga, paddle boarding, growing our own vegetables, and building DIY projects. We believe that fitness is easiest and most rewarding when there are others around to join in on your journey. So in addition to all the fun adventures we go on, we also spend time each week planning out our healthy meals and cooking them together.

To anyone thinking about perusing personal training, I say, you have to give it a try to really know the difference it makes! I have heard from so many clients, including those that are both experienced and unfamiliar with exercise, that training has completely changed their outlook on fitness. My goal is to not only train you when you are in our facility, but to also help you build the lifestyle skills you need to experience lasting results. Fitness can be fun, energizing, uplifting, and life changing. When you learn how much you are capable in the gym, you start realizing how much you are capable of in every other area of your life. I have to say that this is my very favorite part of the job!


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