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Faith McKay, Certified Personal Trainer

Faith McKay, Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Together Belleair

I was born in Nigeria because my parents were missionaries. We traveled back and forth from Texas and Nigeria until I was about nine. When I was nine we moved to Clearwater, FL and I have been here ever since.

When I was a kid I was really interested in going outside and playing with my friends. I was homeschooled when I was younger, so being able to go play outside with friends was the best part of my day. As I got older I really became interested in music and began writing and performing with my sister.

I went to calvary Christian high school and after I graduated I went to massage therapy school and esthetic school soon after.

In high school I wasn’t very athletic. I played softball and ran track for a season but never stuck with it. Music was more of my focus at the time. I was always very adamant about working out and a few years after high school I found Crossfit. So, I guess Crossfit is my sport now!

I grew up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Although we all didn’t always get along, it made for a fun and eventful childhood. When I was 18 I met my husband Josh and 3 years later we got married! We have been married for over 3 years now.  We don’t have any children, but we do have three dogs! Thor, Roxy, and Rascal are the babies in our family for right now.

One of my major interests right now is just furthering my education as a fitness professional and accomplishing some of my personal fitness and physical goals.

When I started crossfit, I really fell inlove with it. I knew after the first month that I wanted to one day be able to coach other people in crossfit. After 6 months of training I decided to get my level 1 crossfit cert in the hopes I would be able to coach one day. After coaching for almost a year, I wanted to further my education as a instructor so I could be a better coach and trainer. After teaching crossfit classes and one on one sessions, the door opened for me to do one on one sessions full time.

I enjoy when people come in and are excited to work out! It just makes me job a lot easier and a lot more fun! It also encourages me when clients work really hard in their sessions and work really hard at home maintaining their diets. Seeing results in your clients just gives you encouragement to keep doing what youre doing.

If you are thinking about trying personal training, id say give it a shot! If you are serious about change and want to see an improvement in some way. Whether it be your body, health, mobility, energy, diet, or overall attitude, there’s really nothing to lose! It does take hard work on your part, but a personal trainer is there to help motivate you and guide you in the right direction.




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