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Blake Herrick, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Blake Herrick, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

 I am originally from Minnesota and moved to the Tampa Bay area about 7 years ago. I came down because it was a childhood dream of mine to live in Florida after vacationing down here during the winter time and experiencing the joy of a warm climate.                                                                                                                                                                                           

I received an Associate's degree in business administration from Hillsborough Community College as well as an Associate's in music production from St. Petersburg College. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor's program for business administration with SPC. Not to boast, but I have a 4.0 GPA! I had formerly not taken college education seriously when I was fresh out of high school and ended up dropping out. This time around I really value improving yourself through education and wanted to give college my full effort.


My biggest hobby outside of health and fitness is music. I like writing and producing and am a guitar player in a local folk pop band called Sol & Grace. It is really fun to play shows around town and to be a part of   something creative with the other incredible musicians in the group. We are relatively new and plan to keep gigging as we put together more originals and gain a larger following. Some of our best shows have been at the Gasparilla Music Festival, Cigar City Brewery, Palladium Theater, and Fitness Together for the Belleair Bluffs Wine Walk.

    I have always been a big guy since I was a kid. I was taller and thicker than most other kids my age all the way through middle school. That's fine but the problem I had was that during the winter time in Minnesota where I grew up I was not active like I was in the spring/summer/fall when I was outdoors a lot and played football. This led me to gain a lot of weight during the winter, lose it the rest of the year, and gain it back the next winter. This yo yo pattern continued until one winter when I was about 16 I reached 300 lbs. My weight gain was so bad that winter that I saw some friends I had met in the previous summer for the first time since and they didn't even recognize me. From there forward I vowed to take personal responsibility for my health and fitness and lost over 100 lbs, keeping it off for over 15 years now. After getting in shape I noticed such a dramatic difference in not only how I felt physically but also how I felt mentally and emotionally. This inspired me to coach others who are struggling as I was to get to a place where they feel great about themselves. I have a Personal Trainer certification from ACE and am currently working towards a Health Coach certification from ACE as well.

My favorite aspect of personal training is seeing my clients blossom! They become better and better versions of themselves little by little each session, each week, month, and so on. I get such a sense of joy knowing that they have made healthy decisions and are putting the work in to turn those decisions into long lasting healthy habits. It is an amazing privilege to be a part of their journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I find that in our society there is a huge gap in the way we educate people how to eat, exercise, and think about their health and fitness. Too much of the information out there is biased towards making a profit, over complicated, or just plain wrong. My goal is to inform people on how they can avoid this misinformation and adapt healthy habits that not only keep them in shape consistently over time but fit into their existing lifestyle. Being healthy and fit is not always easy, but it is not rocket science!