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Six Healthier Activities You Can Do With Your Family on Thanksgiving

Fitness Together Nov 8, 2018 Feel Better

Once the holiday season starts, it may seem like everyone is throwing in the towel when it comes to their health and fitness goals. But that certainly doesn't have to be the case. There is no better time to get moving and feel good than when you are gathered with family, especially on Thanksgiving Day — a day known for inactivity and overeating. Yes, you...

Here's What You Should Eat and Drink When You're Stressed

Fitness Together Oct 18, 2018 Feel Better

You’ve got family coming to town, an empty fridge, your house and car are all a mess and you’re just not sure where to begin to tackle the stress — oh and you’re hungry. We’ve all been there. And while sometimes it seems like wine, coffee, convenience food and treats are the answers during times like these, there are actually some foods that can...

Now's the Time to Re-Commit to Your Goals and Finish the Year Strong

Fitness Together Oct 8, 2018 Feel Better

Why wait until January 1 to become focused on your health and wellness goals? Believe it or not, now is as good of a time as any to dust off your resolutions that you made at the beginning of 2018 and make sure you complete them before the year comes to a close. If you’ve found the busyness of work, family, and life obligations have gotten in the way of your healthy...

Improving Your Posture at Home

Fitness Together Sep 25, 2018 Feel Better

Have you ever noticed someone with great posture and immediately been drawn to them? Not only is it better for your bone and muscle health to stand up straight, it’s also a major confidence booster. However, many of us are guilty of spending much of our day in improper positions while hunched over a desk or even on the couch — and these poor positions follow us around...

How to Successfully Get Started on Your Own Quest to Health

Fitness Together Aug 27, 2018 Feel Better

Before you throw in the gym towel and decide that you’re doomed, we do have some tips for how to successfully get started on your own quest to health.

Beat the Dog Days of Summer with a Workout

Fitness Together Aug 27, 2018 Feel Better

As we come to the end of August, temperatures may still be rising, and the humidity isn’t letting up either. Yep, it’s officially the dog days of summer, and this weather can put a damper on your outdoor workout. It’s not just unappealing – if you’re not careful, it's dangerous. Try these tips to beat the heat to keep working out through...

Three Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness Together Aug 27, 2018 Feel Better

Everyone knows that eating healthy and exercising are essential habits to living a healthy lifestyle. But, what you might not know is that there are three other underlying elements that also are important to helping you lose weight, get fit and feel great. Lucky for you, though, Fitness Together is letting you in on the top three secrets to living a healthy and fit lifestyle...

How to Get Your Body Ready for Fall

Fitness Together Aug 27, 2018 Feel Better

  Football fans come in varying degrees of devotion, ranging between those who will perhaps turn on the game if their home team is in the playoffs or the Big Game (the commercials are good, right?), to those who know every players’ statistics and would rather lose a toe than miss a game.  And now that football preseason is upon us, it got us thinking about...

How to Do an Overhead Press Correctly

Fitness Together Aug 20, 2018 Feel Better

For this week’s blog we spoke with Michael Stevens, Fitness Together Providence Owner, whom called upon one of his expert Personal Trainers, Ian Lane. Our interview with Ian he shared how he got started in the health and fitness industry, and what makes Fitness Together unique. Ian started his professional journey as a strength coach his freshman year of college.  Over...

National Relaxation Day

Fitness Together Aug 14, 2018 Feel Better

Here are 4 Tips to Help You Start the Celebration:

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