(1) month of PACK or ... (5) 1-on-1 sessions for $99

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Hunters Crossing (up the hill from Harris Teeter)
Fitness Together 16151 Lancaster Hwy
Charlotte, NC   28277
(704) 341-8802

Fitness Together 428 N Trade St
Suite 102
Matthews, NC   28105
(704) 847-3859

Fitness Together 229 Medical Park Rd
Suite 100
Mooresville, NC   28117
(704) 658-1522

Plaza Midwood
Fitness Together 1318 Central Ave
Suite E2
Charlotte, NC   28205
(704) 333-2999

South End Charlotte
Fitness Together 1923 A South Blvd
Charlotte, NC   28203
(704) 375-3001

Fitness Together 1600 E Woodlawn Rd
Suite 255
Charlotte, NC   28209
(704) 525-5759

Steele Creek
Fitness Together 13545 SteeleCroft Pkwy
Suite 110
Charlotte, NC   28278
(704) 504-0911

Cureton Town Center
Fitness Together 8163 Kensington Dr
Waxhaw, NC   28173
(704) 243-1130

Malena Long

I got engaged one week and started training with Fitness Together the next. I was well past my limit with the amount of weight I had gained in the last couple of years so I had already started running again and completed my first triathlon. It just wasn’t enough and I knew I needed help. I had fallen madly in love and was in the best relationship of my life so I had jokingly started referring to myself as “fat and happy”. But how happy could I really be if I was at the point of cutting the tags out of my pants so that no one (myself included) would see I was up to a size 12? After my first meeting with Chavanne, I knew I had just come face to face with the kind of trainer that would work just as I hard as I knew I could. I remember her telling me that she didn’t care about the number on the scale as much as she did about my body fat and skeletal muscle percentage. I didn’t even know (or quite honestly care) what skeletal muscle was but I committed to training twice a week anyway. In no time at all though, my actual weight was the least of my concerns. I experienced a complete and absolute mind shift about what was important and I truly believe that’s where our success lies. The freedom from being a Slave to the Scale was completely liberating. My nutrition and my physical strength were my new focal points. Chavanne was so involved in my nutrition when I first started that I would send her links to menus when I was going out to restaurants. She would not only help me decide what to eat, but tell me the reasons so that I could learn to choose myself. I quickly got to the point where I looked forward to every single workout and I became more and more proud of what I could accomplish with each passing day. By my Month 4 assessment, we had exceeded every single goal I set for myself, and we did it 3 months earlier than I planned. I’ve gone from ZERO pushups to 15 at my last count, I am constantly increasing the weight I can lift, I have improved my running pace by more than 2 minutes per mile, I have completed Spartan races I never would’ve even attempted before, my body fat is down 10%, and my skeletal muscle has increased by 8%. Oh, and that weight I stopped focusing on…..almost 30 pounds are gone, NEVER to return.* Those size 12 pants……replaced by a size 6.* I use the terms “we” and “our” when I talk about the success I’ve seen with Fitness Together because it really is a collaborative effort. I expect myself to work just as hard as Chavanne and her team work and we are in this fitness thing together. I’m so thankful I decided to look at personal training as an investment in myself and as a sort of preventative maintenance, rather than as a bill I had to pay in order to see results. That kind of thinking and lifestyle change is the only thing that really works and I am proof of that.