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Independence Day- How to Keep Yours Free of Food and Fitness Regret

Jun 30, 2017

Burgers, beaches and beers...the fourth of July is upon us! If you’re like most Patriotic peeps, you probably wrestle with the excitement of sparklers and sangria...and how the heck you’ll stay svelte as you sip and sizzle.

Before you get your speedo in a bunch, take a look at these tips on keeping both the fun and flavor in your holiday...without throwing your fitness progress to the sharks.

  • Bring the Flavor- thanks to Pinterest, The Food Network and your cousin’s Instagram page, there are THOUSANDS of recipes that cater to every need possible. Avocado turkey burgers? Mandarin chicken skewers? Watermelon and basil salad? There’s no need to accept frankfurter defeat and settle for a limp, unhealthy dog when you can BRING the most delicious dish this side of the picnic table....helping you and your festive friends in the process.

  • Sit at the Kid’s Table- and by sit, we mean run, kick, skip, fall, jump, splash, gallivant and giggle...and all other things the kiddos are doing while the grown-ups sit in their lawn chairs and watch. Get in on the action. Whether you have kids of your own or need to borrow your brothers’, get up and MOVE, little steps and strides can make a huge difference in the dance of calorie deficit.

  • Hello Hydration- water, it ain't just for boogie boards. While this tip is probably offered more times than a mom with sunscreen, it’s importance is warranted, especially during a time of sweat and dehydrating sippers. Not only are you less likely to ruin your day with a headache and fatigue by keeping your Nalgene near, but a heck of a lot MORE likely to reach for healthy choices, feel fuller and wake up revived each day.

  • United We Stand (and walk, run, sautee and steam)- we all know a group’s collective efforts can do a heck of a lot more than an individuals’ (uh, hello united stateS) so how about grabbing a few friends or family members to join your quest for a healthy holiday? Make it fun and collaborative. Mom chooses the beach activity of the day. Sister is commander in chief of after dinner walks. Uncle Sam (sorry, couldn’t help it) brings a fresh dessert dish.

Sometimes it just takes one person to be a catalyst of good cause, a spark that ignites feel good vibes and leaves a wake of go you little firework, it’s the year to keep that healthy fire lit.


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