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6 Tips to Stay Motivated

May 16, 2012

Committed to running your first half or full marathon, but having difficulty staying motivated? Consider these six helpful hints.

1. Find a running partner or group. Knowing others are relying on you to show up for a training session can be a great motivator. This is especially helpful for your weekly long run. Finding a running group dedicated to raising funds for certain causes is another option to consider. Becoming involved in a cause larger than your training could add the motivation you need.

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2. Publicize your training. The more you share your training efforts and goals, the more likely you'll be to stick to your plan. Start sharing with those closest to you such as family members or close friends.

3. Make finishing the race your goal. Focus your efforts on completing the full distance and worry less about your pace in your first race. If running is the right fit for you, you'll finish the race hungry for the next race and a new PR.

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4. Find something that makes training enjoyable. Maybe it's hitting the gym early in the morning or admiring nature while running outdoors, or listening to your favorite music—combine your interests with running to keep your commitment level high.

5. Keep a log. Your log doesn't have to be detailed, just jot down the distance and how you felt. If motivated to record more, consider additional details such as time, location, and other specific details. Periodically reviewing your entries is a good reminder of the hard work you have already invested in your training.

6. Find a simple training plan. Make sure the training plan specifics meet your needs and fit your schedule. Books and the Intranet contain a plethora of plans. Whichever plan you choose, remember to keep your first race goal to completing the race.

By using the hints above, you can help ensure your motivation level stays high during your training. Good luck!


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