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10 Tips for Fall Fitness

Oct 28, 2015

10 Tips for Fall Fitness

1.Take advantage of the weather. You can do plenty outside during the fall. Walking, hiking and cycling are all fun ways to get moving outside during these cooler temperatures.

2. Take a class. Tap dance, salsa or another type of active class are happening right now in your community. Search for adult continuing education or fun fitness classes in your community.

3. Schedule Fitness with your favorite fall shows. If you know your favorite show starts at 8 p.m. then schedule 7-7:45 to move around beforehand. There are plenty of ways to get moving at home without equipment(squat, lunge, plank etc.)

4. Integrate fitness into your everyday. Taking the kids to soccer practice? Instead of reading your book while you watch do a few laps around their field or a nearby track. Going for a simple walk is a fantastic way to get your mind brainstorming.

5. Rejuvenate yourself. After your run take some time to stretch, foam roll or even better grab a massage from your favorite therapist in the area. Don't have one? Let me know and I can make a suggestion.

6. Stick with it! It takes at least 3 weeks in order for a habit to become the norm. Stick with it, even through the tough times(holidays) where we get distracted on what we are doing. Planning ahead during these times can really be your key to success.

7. Consistency, Convenience, Commitment. I love this one! Make sure whatever plan you set in place is a consistent one that you can accomplish. Being realistic with your goals is important in any plan. Set yourself up for success and you will enjoy those successes.

8. But it's dark outside I can't possibly workout now. Don't let the darkness ruin your plan for a great workout. Bring yourself a reflective jacket or a flashlight and stay on main roads with sidewalks. Safety is important and with those three put together you will be safer than without them!

9. Find your motivation. Find what motivates you so you can look forward to your workout. Having a fresh playlist or a new challenge you have set for yourself are simple ways to keep yourself on track.

10. Wear Layers. Being cold outside is a big reason why people don't continue with their plan. We all know whats coming this winter so lets plan for it. Get the layers going and you'll be equipped for your walk, run, cycling or whatever you've put together for your plan.
I think the biggest factor we need to deal with in the fall is making sure we PLAN for our success. Planning ahead is extremely important and something I preach to everyone daily and weekly. If you need some help finding or setting up a plan give me a shout and I would love to brainstorm with you.



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