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Women- Bulletproof Your Knees!!!

Women- Bulletproof Your Knees!!!

Eric- Fitness Together Newtonville

Women are susceptible to knee injuries because of the natural angle created from their hips to their knees. This is called the "Q" angle. What happens with women is their vastus lateralis (outer quad) over develops and puts pressure on the knee. This is the main reason women are more prone to ACL injuries. One way to help avoid these issues is to strengthen the vastus medialis (VMO or inner quad), and biceps femoris (hamstrings).

A few movements that can help strengthen the vastus medialis and hamstrings:

-Front Squat

-Plie Squat

-Conventional Deadlift

-Stiff Leg Deadlift

-Pull Throughs

Add these movements to your strength training routine and find solace in the fact that you are bullet proofing your knees AND getting them ready for activity!


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