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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.*

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Charlene Nowel

    Before finding Fitness Together, my biggest struggle was feeling like I was eating right and working out but not seeing actual results.  My biggest frustration was that my husband had lost 25 pounds with the changes we made, and I had lost none – in fact had gained some weight.

            When you change your eating habits to eliminate processed foods and work out but see no visible signs of change, it is so very frustrating.  You feel like your efforts are just met with failure after failure.

            The workouts had me doing things I never thought I could do.  The trainers made me believe that I could work out on a different level than I had before.  I also learned to eat what my body needed to see change.  The trainers asked questions about what I was eating and helped me implement changes that would improve my energy and my weight loss efforts.

            Now, I feel like I can try anything and activities that used to make me winded and feel exhausted afterwards are so much easier.  My husband and I love to ride bikes and be active, and we are looking into other activities such as kayaking and more challenging hikes.  I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but I am much slimmer having lost inches.  My clothes fit better, and I even enjoy shopping these days.


After *

Molly Hugues

I really just do what they tell me to do, and it works!

I have been heavy most of my life, and after seeing a particularly unflattering picture of myself, I decided it was finally time to make a change.  I got an email saying that a popular weight loss program would be starting to hold sessions on campus, so I quickly registered and made a pledge to myself to give the program my best effort.  I was fairly successful at losing weight for the first few months, but I knew that to really become as healthy as I could be, I needed to add an exercise component to my routine.  A friend who is knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness invited me to a free PACK session at Fitness Together, and though it was difficult, I found that I could actually finish the workout and that I was not nearly as intimidated as I had thought I would be.   

I began one-on-one workouts, and found that Fitness Together is the perfect gym for me!  The trainers are awesome - they challenge my abilities, but they're there encouraging me every step of the way.  It truly is a personalized experience, and I'm much happier than I would have been had I joined a huge gym, had no guidance, and gotten lost in the crowd.        

I really like the fact that the trainers have a plan for what exercises I should do at different stages to improve my health at a safe rate.  They keep telling me that I'm doing good work, but I really just do what they tell me to do, and it works*!  I've lost weight*, I'm stronger, I feel much better all the time, and at my last health screening, all my vital signs and health indicators (resting heart rate, cholesterol levels, etc.), were in the normal, healthy range*.  I couldn't ask for more from a gym and from the trainers! 

I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone.  They've got programs for every fitness level - for those who've hardly ever walked into a gym and have no idea what to do (like I was), for those who've been away from the gym but want to get back into condition, and for those who  are already fit but want to challenge themselves.  The one-on-one and small group sessions are the perfect size for fostering encouragement without intimidation, and the positive results speak for themselves.  Also, not only are the trainers good at what they do, but they're a terrific group of people too!  Thanks for everything, FT!


Chad Carter

Confidence builder

Chad Carter was going to the gym and working out on his own, but admittedly was just going through the motions. After feeling like he didn't spend enough time planning and organizing an effective gym routine, he soon realized he needed an organized and structured setting with scheduled times for fitness just as one would for meetings at work. After some careful research and weighing his options, he tried Fitness Together. 

As a graduate student at Auburn University, Chad felt he needed that competitive edge in the work world, where people need every tool they can in order to stand out among others."If I want to be taken serious in my profession, I need to look like I take myself serious," says Chad. His goal was and still is to continue to get better and always maintain a competitive edge. 

Since enrolling at FT, he can lift more weight, but the biggest improvement he has seen has been in his self-confidence. "I just feel more confident approaching people and issues," Carter confides.

So what is the secret to his success? Self-discipline.Chad offers this piece of advice: "Don't overwhelm yourself with too much and constantly set goals that you CAN reach. Have the discipline to work to achieve them, and the reward will be worth it. If you never get complacent, life is more fun and interesting!"


Rita and her grandbaby

Rita Tuck

After 4 months, I am much improved. stronger and feel I can continue to improve.


I really enjoyed working to improve my fitness and stamina with you, Ja'Viere and Vanessa. Each of you made me feel it was important to you to nurture me toward a better fitness level and help me improve my quality of life and maybe increase my life span.

I had led a pretty inactive life for a number of years and really needed help with building core strength and overall stamina.  After 4 months, I am much improved. stronger and feel I can continue to improve.

The environment at FT is,  non-threatening and comfortable, even for someone who knew nothing about "gym-life", good exercise techniques, the equipment or what type of exercise accomplishes desired results. 

Thanks so very much for your kindness, acceptance, education and help, each of which I needed in abundance. Your expertise, patience and gentle strictness is much appreciated and won't be forgotten.


Carol Anne Brown

"The goal of life is to die young---as late as possible." -- Ashley Montagu.

That quote sums up many of the reasons Carol Anne came to Fitness Together nearly seven months ago. Looking at herself as a 60+ year old woman, she realized she was aging in the opposite direction of what she wished to be possible. Many of us know the feeling of getting out of the shower, looking in the mirror and seeing the body that is somehow now you and wondering how it got that way. Excess weight, flabby shape, muscle loss and depression about this "revolting development," as she put it, made Carol Anne realize she was ready to turn things around. If life expectancy is increasing, then Carol Anne needed to make and keep her body fit to enjoy those years.  

While riding down the street one day, Carol Anne spotted Fitness Together. The concept of One Client, One Trainer, One Goal was what she was looking for. So, she started her journey with Vanessa's initial assessment that day. She began lifting weights, doing cardio workouts, and learned proper form-- all more effective than her previous well-intentioned but undisciplined attempts at working out alone. Having a professional who guides, instructs and supports her has been all the difference for Carol Anne, she confides. 

Although her initial goals were to increase body strength, she has been amazed at all of the aspects of her life that have been affected. Each time she reaches a goal, it increases her sense of empowerment in other areas. She also notes that she has cut back on eating, not because she was told to, but because it has been a natural by-product of feeling more in charge of herself. While Carol Anne has dropped several sizes in clothing*, she has also experienced greater stamina, lower heart rate*, and now enjoys getting up daily to walk or ride her bike. All of this keeps feeding her sense of well-being and enthusiasm. She feels so much more in charge on a consistent basis--whether on the job, with her grandchildren, or in her vitality and romance with her husband.  

When asked about her overall experience with Fitness Together, Carol Anne responds, "How could I have ever guessed five months ago that Fitness Together was going to become for me a whole lot more than just a physical work out?"

If Fitness Together is "more than just a physical work out" for you too, then share your story with us to become next month's Fitness Friend. We look forward to hearing from you! 


After *

Chauncey Holder

I know I have partners every step of the way.

       Before finding Fitness Together I struggled in the same areas that many do. I had little discipline with my diet, and because I had never been an "exerciser", that was also absent. So, I had a dual threat - poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

       Because of my struggles, I had several frustrations. I knew I could manage my diet, but had no idea where to start with an exercise program. I had many fits and starts prior, and the amount of "information" on the internet was overwhelming. I needed expertise and structure.

        Eventually things caught up with me. I was 60-70lb overweight. I had little stamina for daily activities.  Before I made my transformation, I generally felt tired and guilty. I would have monthly monologues about what would have to happen for me to make a change, and what I would feel like post change. Two years ago, I injured my back doing routine yard work. This landed me with 5 weeks of physical therapy. That was my trigger.

       Since then, I’ve lost 60 pounds of fat and have gained at least 30 pounds of muscle. I exercise 5-6 times a week and actually feel bad when I don't. I have much more energy and motivation. I have a sharper mind as well.

       The trainers at Fitness Together provided expertise, motivation and accountability. I know I have  partners each step of the way.


Dan Bennett

Fitness is for Families

The Bennetts
The Bennetts after a family PACK workout

"Toward the end of 2010 I had set a retirement date.  And although I had always remained physically active for most of the past 8-10 years, my work schedule and related travel had taken a priority.  With more time to myself, I wanted to get back into better physical shape and to improve my cardio-vascular health.  My wife, although still working full time, wanted to join me.  We both felt that the best option would be to go to a personal trainer.  Fitness Together was chosen out of many Auburn options for several reasons.  And now, some 20 months later, we are both very pleased with our initial decision to select FT, even though there are less expensive alternatives.  We have liked the customized plan that was developed, particularly as related to my age and physical condition. I liked the relative privacy of the sessions and particularly the individual suites.  Most importantly, the enthusiasm and encouraging attitude of the FT staff and trainers is exceptional.


I had previously belonged to gyms and have exercise equipment in my home; however, that experience did not prepare me for the personal attention that I receive at FT.  As mentioned, I was interested in cardio-vascular health.  I was not aware of the benefits that would come with rigorous strength training and other aspects of the exercise program, including improved nutrition. This has resulted in a life style change that benefits my sleep habits, posture, food intake, and general overall attitude. I have lost weight and my body shape has improved (including a smaller waist line*).


I have also found that working with a personal trainer improves my attitude about exercise.  When working out on my own, it was easy to find an excuse to avoid rigorous or difficult routines, or the workout altogether.  FT solved that problem.  The trainer's encouragement and positive attitude makes me want to improve and to increase my abilities.  However, it does take commitment, discipline and a willingness to push one' s self. The supportive attitude


After *

Sarah Holder

With the help of FT trainers, I have learned how much energy is required in a work out to make a change.

Before joining FT my biggest struggle was committing to a plan to better health. I had no idea what I needed to do in a gym workout to see a difference, and how helpful to my weight loss it would be to monitor my daily nutrition goals. I was most frustrated with putting in what I thought was a decent effort and getting little to no results.

I started to feel somewhat hopeless towards exercise and as if the effort wasn't worth it. Being out of shape had become part of a cycle where I felt low energy so I didn't want to do anything physical, which in turn kept my energy down. FT got me out of that cycle.

How did our program help you? With the help of FT trainers, I have learned how much energy is required in a work out to make a change. Their encouragement pushes me to do what is needed to burn calories and build muscle in a way that fits for me. The nutritional guidance made a huge difference in my weight loss too.

Now I feel more confident than ever, have more energy to play with my daughter, and more strength, coordination, and flexibility to coach my team. Instead of being worried about my future health due to being overweight, I feel like I'm doing the best I can to set myself up for a brighter, healthier future.


After *

Wendee McGuffee

One of my toughest goodbyes is going to be leaving Fitness Together.

So, May 2015 has made it here.  What does that mean you ask?  I made it.  I survived vet school, and am now a doctor! Wow, I still don’t think that it has fully sunk in yet!  My only regret now, is that I must say goodbye to my Auburn friends and family.  One of my toughest goodbyes is going to be leaving Fitness Together.

    FT has been an important part of my last three years.  My first year of vet school was all about convenience, and I lived off of pizza, burgers, and soda because it was easy to grab while studying.  It took me a while to realize that I was gaining weight and falling into a rut.  I don’t think reality hit until I woke up one morning and didn’t want to get out of bed because my back was sore.  You see, I have had a spinal fusion in the past, and this extra weight was catching up to me.  I topped out just over 200 pounds, and wearing a size 16 pair of jeans.

    I joined FT just before the beginning of my 2nd year of vet school.  I discussed with them that I didn’t really have time to become ‘fit’, I really just didn’t want to gain any more weight.  So we came up with a twice a week appointment schedule.  What I didn’t realize, is that they would be there for me much more than just during work out appointments. Between the workouts, the nutrition counseling and the encouragement, they helped me change my lifestyle. In fact, I don’t think I could have survived vet school without them!  You see, feeling better along with eating better, has helped with my mental stamina, my physical stamina and my sleeping habits; all necessary to survive the grueling demands that vet school has brought forth!

    I am currently wearing size 4 jeans*, weigh in at about 136 lbs*, and feel better than I ever have.  This coming from the girl with the spinal fusion who just didn’t want to gain any more weight!  I have run and survived three half marathons, along with numerous 5 K and 10 K races.  None of this would have been possible without FT!  So although I have to say goodbye, I hope they realize that they won’t be getting rid of me that easily!  I plan to stay in touch, visit, and regularly stalk them on Facebook!  In fact, I may even be talking to them about writing me up some work out plans because I know that I cannot replace them once I head back home to Georgia.  I am going to miss you guys!!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

    PS-If the green flexibility box is missing…….I know nothing!!



Carolyn's Story

I’ve always realized that I can lose weight managing what I eat but I need FT to make me stronger.

                        After last Spring I found myself making excuses not to exercise. As time went on it was harder to get to the gym. And when I don’t go to the gym, I don’t eat very healthy. I know one doesn’t depend on the other but for me they seem to go hand-in-hand. As the weight started piling on, I became more frustrated with myself for “letting myself go”…AGAIN!

                        I began to notice I was winded after just climbing a flight of stairs. Not to mention that all of my clothes were getting too small. I even broke down and bought a pair of pants in a size that I said I would never buy. Ughhh!!! Not sure I’ve been transformed yet but I’ve taken the first step toward making a difference.

                        After some time away from Fitness Together, there is one thing I realized I was lacking in. Accountability!!! It’s the one thing I know I need. The trainers at FT are wonderful and I enjoy going to my workouts. Kellen is great at getting me to talk about what I’ve eaten. I know it’s silly, but knowing she may ask makes a difference in my daily choices. Not all the time but I’m getting there.

                         I’ve always realized that I can lose weight managing what I eat but I need FT to make me stronger. So really for me, exercise and diet are essential in reaching my physical goals. For me, diet is not about focusing on what I can’t eat but making smart choices so I don’t consume empty calories. I read somewhere to look at DIET as “Did I Eat Today”. I love that saying. But more importantly, did I eat the right foods today.



Murphey Coy

Not just limited to fitness

Murphy's Law is a saying that states, "Anything that can go wrong,  will go wrong."  This is ironic enough because I am also named Murphey, and a decent part of life fits this quote too perfectly. 

I was in the best shape of my life in high school. I had a goal: play college lacrosse. I had met my goal and was in preparation to continue playing lacrosse at Virginia Military Institute. That was until I collapsed on the field during my team's last game. A few days later, I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that led to a heart transplant two years later. 

Fitness had always been a major part of my life, but once I got sick, exercise and strenuous activities became impossible to do. I was able to maintain my weight for quite some time, but as I became more sedentary my weight and physical condition got away from me. I wanted to get back into shape, but I felt so overwhelmed. I did not even know where to begin.

My mom was running errands around Auburn, and she stumbled upon Fitness Together, and when I got home she treaded lightly around the subject (she was afraid to offend me) to see if I would be interested. I was. I called that day and set up an appointment for the following day. The next morning I went in and met Vanessa, Will, and Kris. I really liked the atmosphere, the philosophy, and the butt-kicking I got from the assessment they put me through. I confirmed what I already knew: I am out of shape and need a change. Having forgotten how great it felt to get an intense work out in and to feel sore was a memory that has delightfully returned to me and I look forward to each of my sessions.

I have been working out at Fitness Together 3 days a week for several months now, and am so glad that I am. The improvements that I have made in the past few months I still cannot believe, and they are not just limited to my fitness. Sure, I have lost weight*, gained muscle, and have more energy; but I also have better concentration at work, more motivation, and an overall better mood. I just wish that I had done it sooner.

If I could offer any advice to someone looking to get healthier it would be to not be afraid to ask for help. Being a guy and having a lot of personal pride, this is something that does not come easily for me. My stubbornness is part of why I took so long to get the help that Fitness Together offers clients to improve their fitness, but hopefully, this stubbornness will also be the reason I do not give it up. I have made a lot of progress and reached many of the original goals I set when I started; however, I have readjusted and added new goals that I plan to reach with the help of Fitness Together.


Sam Allbrook

"There will be bad days, bad workouts, and disappointing assessments but the good days and the end goal are worth the fight."

After nearly a year of allowing myself to think I was too busy and didn’t have time to exercise regularly I decided that I needed a change. It was clear to me that I needed someone to keep me accountable and to not put up with my excuses. I had heard about Fitness Together and their approach to personal training before and liked the idea of a smaller space instead of a large gym so I decided to give them a call. That call is one of the best decisions I ever made for my health as after meeting the team and learning more about their programs and the way they operated I thought this might just work for me. At the time, I had no idea how well it would do just that.

My main goal when starting with FT was weight loss. I knew I needed to lead a healthier lifestyle and that would start with weight loss. This is the still my primary goal as I have a lot more work to do to get where I would like to be, however, I now feel like getting there is an eventuality instead of a dream. I am exercising more and not letting myself succumb to the same old excuses instead of getting out and getting the work done. I know that this has a lot to do with the dedication of the team at Fitness Together. I know that they believe in me and are behind me as I work towards my goals.

Since starting with Fitness Together I have pushed myself (ok they have pushed me) far past what I thought I was capable of. I am stronger than I have ever been and have more energy and stamina*. A year ago I would never have considered attempting a mud run and, even thought I did laugh at Bryan when he first mentioned it, he eventually talked me into it and I am so glad I did it. It was one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done and I have never been more proud of myself. There is no way I could have done that without Bryan and Kris. They keep me inspired to continue working hard, encourage me when I get down, and continuously push me harder to reach my goals.

If I had one piece of advice to give someone in my situation I would say, don’t give up. There will be bad days, bad workouts, and disappointing assessments but the good days and the end goal are worth the fight.


Mary Edwards

Friendly competition

Mary and her husband had a gym membership but rarely went. So when they received the Fitness Together mailer, something sparked an interest and they decided Fitness Together would make them accountable. Although she first came to Fitness Together to help motivate her husband who wanted to get in shape and lose weight, she soon discovered how out of shape she felt.
Mary is determined, and encourages others not to give up. "Keep working at it and eventually you will see your hard work payoff."

Since that time, Mary has seen an increase in strength. "The dumbbells keep getting bigger and bigger. When I started I was using 10 lbs dumbbells and couldn't do half of a chin up. Now I use 20 lbs or greater and can do several chin ups on my own." While her initial goal was to lose a few pounds*, her new goal is to have more definition so she can see all the muscle she has created. Mary smiles as she says, "My goal now is to see real definition by summer! I know my trainers can get me there!"

Fitness Together has also brought out the competitive spirit in Mary. "Whether it's on a treadmill or doing bench presses, I love to challenge myself. It is here that I have come to love the PACK sessions as well! I can challenge myself and also enjoy some friendly competition with some new friends, but without feeling insecure or self-conscious or scrutinized like I did at the regular gym. We all encourage and cheer each other on and don't feel threatened. And PACK cardio days really give me the challenge I need since I don't have the self-discipline to create that challenge for myself." 

The nutrition counseling has also been a big part of Mary's success at Fitness Together. "I have started eating a much healthier diet (although I still cheat quite often). But my decisions are much more informed than before." Mary has seen first hand the benefits of pairing the nutrition changes with the exercise. In fact, her advise to others who are ready for a healthier lifestyle is to create an overall change in both your diet and fitness. "You can't work out and not change to a healthy diet or vice versa. It takes all parts working together. This is also my biggest weakness and I continue to struggle and work on it. As Vanessa tells me all the time, I need to say good bye to the cookies and donuts once and for all!"


After *

Michele Matin

FT has made it possible for me to become active with my grandchildren again.

Before finding Fitness Together even though I ate “healthy”, I would gain weight.  I was active, but didn’t know what exercises I needed. Over time I became frustrated because I exercised, but did not see any results.

I was developing joint and muscle issues and because of that activities especially with my grandchildren, were limited.  I was frustrated and my health seemed to get worse.

When I started training at Fitness Together I began to eat and exercise to live and be healthy.  I am much more consistent with my workouts and now I exercise ALL of my body. 

Now my life has totally changed, I am active and play with my grandchildren.  I have a better understanding of what it means to be healthy and how to stay there.  Before I started FT, the doctor told me I would need knee surgery and a hip replacement.  I have had both but with no physical therapy because my trainers kept me active through it all. 




Addie Smith

" I am a huge fan of PACK training"

When I came to Fitness Together I never really had any major goals or changes to pinpoint.  My main goal at FT was to maintain my current size and figure, not necessarily weight, because now I weigh more but still wear the same size. I work out because I enjoy it and wouldn't do it on my own.  In order to eat and drink what I want yet still maintain the same figure I realized that I needed to pay for it in order to make myself stay accountable!  

I am a huge fan of PACK training also.  It is almost exactly like one-on-one training, you still receive the motivation and one-on-one attention that you would in individual training, but with a couple of buddies training with you and at half the price!

The main reason I decided I needed a personal trainer was because I wanted someone to motivate and push me to my limits, my own personal cheerleader. I really wanted to tone and tighten my body so that there would be more muscle definition. This being in mind, I researched personal training in the surrounding areas and Fitness Together really stood out to me.

My biggest accomplishment since I started at FT has been my overall strength. I am stronger than I have ever been! Now I can lift heavier objects as well as complete everyday tasks with much less effort and without worrying about hurting myself*!

The most unexpected benefit I have had from training at Fitness Together would be the creation of awesome friendships that were made in PACK training

 Here is some advice I would give to those struggling with weight...  Hmmm, I would say to commit to making a lifestyle change and educate yourself on better eating and exercising habits.  A big problem is the knowledge involved in a healthy lifestyle.  I love the tips that are written on our workout board.  I learn something new every week!  


Wanzi Rusike

Life changing!

My experience with Fitness Together was life changing. I decided to get a personal trainer mainly because I was about 20 pounds over my ideal weight and I had unsuccessfully tried a number of different things to lose weight and nothing was working. Being new to the Auburn area, I shopped around and decided on starting with Fitness Together mainly because I really liked the people that worked there and they seemed to really care about me achieving my goals. As an extra marketing tool they gave me a free workout session before signing on with them and I was sold from that point onwards. I was more than impressed with the Fitness Together staff and learnt so much about what I was initially doing wrong and why I had not been losing weight in the past. I love that everyone is so friendly every time you go into the studio, and the meal journal books were such a helpful tool. Each week my trainer would look at my meal journal and give me tips on what I needed to add to my diet and all these extra things helped. So far, I've lost 14 pounds* and most importantly, I've been maintaining this weight* and living a much healthier lifestyle. I will definitely be going back periodically in the future for help in modifying my workouts and I would definitely recommend getting that one on one personal training. It definitely makes a difference because the workouts are tailored to your body type, your strengths and weaknesses and also your fitness goals.


After *

Jamie Alzadeh

"You don't have to make a bunch of changes at once to be successful!!"

Jamie decided to go visit FT because she was unhappy with how she looked and felt. She needed some motivation to get going again because she was usually an active person. FT was close to her house and she knew with personal training or a mix of PACK classes she could  make sure she was doing what she needed to do to be successful. 
Jamie's main goal was to fit in her clothes again after the birth of her third baby. She feels that goal has now morphed into wanting to be healthy so that she can enjoy her children, play with them without worrying about back pain and live a long time.
Her biggest accomplishment has been changing her body fat* and finding that she does have the time to work out- it's all about planning for it!
Jamie also feels like she's more organized and that might sound like an odd benefit of becoming a member FT. Jamie wants this to be a life change for her and maybe that's why it has spread to other areas of her life. 
Jamie says one piece of advice for those wanting to make a change is to make small goals for yourself and start there. You don't have to make a bunch of changes at once to be successful!!

Mary Ellen Thomson

Give Fitness Together a try!

I have always been interested in weights and, like most women, feel intimidated by going to the gym.  I have taken some personal training from another facility and was shown how to use the weights but pretty much left on my own after that.  I have back, knee and elbow problems so I was always afraid I was doing something wrong and would injure myself more so I used lighter weights, afraid to push myself and therefore not really seeing much change in my body.  When I received an opportunity to try a free training session and it was advertised as a one-on-one personal training session, I thought that might fit my needs more - and it has.  Everyone at Fitness Together makes you feel so comfortable and you feel like you are their only client.  They always make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing but at the same time are able to instill enough confidence and trust in them that you allow them to push you and to exceed what you thought you could achieve.  I have been amazed at how much my stamina has increased and my strength.  I started out doing 2 pushups (just like the guys do) and am up to 27. As a side benefit, I have also lost some weight*.   They tailor your workout to your specific needs.  I play tennis so we worked a lot on cardio and exercises to help with playing tennis.  They are more than trainers, however.  They become your friends and are interested in your life outside of your workouts with them. I have asked some questions during my workouts and when I would come back the next time, they had researched it for me and had some suggestions. They are always checking on you and making adjustments if something is not working or just does not feel right.  Give Fitness Together a try - you will be pleased with the results*!!


Kandace Henry

Not too busy to make time for myself

Kandace joined Fitness Together at the end of September with the ultimate goal of losing about 40 pounds, quit smoking, and getting herself onto the road towards a healthy lifestyle.   Today, Kandace has quit smoking and is 20 lbs lighter*, even after taking a break from Fitness Together for an entire month during the holidays!  This is one of the main reasons she was selected as Client of the Month.  Kandace is a model client because she has been able to continue applying what she has learned at Fitness Together while away on holiday.  In most circumstances, we are simply happy when clients don't gain weight during the holidays or vacation.  However, Kandace continued to lose weight*!

Kandace's success can be attributed to the fact that she was definitely READY when she first came to FT.  She was ready to put in the work and effort necessary to make her goals a reality.  Kandace doesn't miss FT workouts and she has taken full responsibility for doing her cardio workouts as prescribed.  Most importantly, Kandace dove in head first into our Nutrition Together program, which has even reawakened her love for cooking.  Oh yes, and should I mention that Kandace works full time, owns her own business, and goes to graduate school full time?


Elizabeth Mason

Fitness Together Auburn Gave Me Strength And Confidence


I have always said I thought I would enjoy working one on one with a trainer, but was never willing to pay the price.  In 2013 my husband gave me a “personal trainer” for my birthday present.  I knew some of the staff at FT Auburn so it was my first choice.
When I first started, I wanted to lose weight, firm up the post menopausal flab, and just generally be healthier.  After 5 months, I had lost 20 lbs*, several inches* and had more energy.  I even started running, which is something I did not think I would ever do. After my first 6 months, I ran a 5K and finished in top 10 in my age group.  My husband has always been a runner and I always thought I couldn’t, but FT gave me the strength and confidence to try.

Eventually I  decided I could work out by myself and I quit FT.  Big mistakeI  After a year I had gained back 10 lbs and just did not have the energy I had when I was going to  FT. I returned recently and don’t plan to leave home again.

I feel so much better about myself when I am working out regularly. I don’t worry so much about the weight now, just being strong and healthy.  It is important to me to be a good role model for my daughters, and I believe they are proud of their old mother. I need the accountability and structure.
I have one piece of advice for those struggling with weight, eating or health issues… Don’t put it off.  Just do it.  Learn to be accountable for what you eat.  Logging my daily intake is one of the most important things I do.  If I have to enter it into my diary, I think twice about eating something that may not be so good for me.

Personal training may cost a little more than a regular gym, but the benefits are worth it. Think about it - few things are more important than good health. You can do more and those grandkids require you to do more! FT has a friendly, family atmosphere.  Everyone knows everyone. Trainers and clients. The owner regularly checks in with me to be sure I am happy and my needs are being met.

I have scheduled appointments, so I can’t say “I don’t feel like working out this morning.”  I am NOT a morning person, but Vanessa convinced me to try just one early morning a week.  I liked it so much I now have all my workouts at 6am.  It is a great start to my day and I feel good about myself all day long!

Joan Bennett

"When I started Fitness Together I was really nervous and insecure..."

My husband surprised me with a personnel trainer at FT for Christmas in 2010. I started in January 2011 knowing that I had really neglected my exercise life. He had explored every personal trainer and gym in town and knew FT would be the place for me. The friendliness of all the trainers, the constant encouragement, and the personal individualized program were the main reasons FT was selected. 

My main goal when I started FT was to have a healthier lifestyle, look better, and improve my strength. I had many misconceptions about what all of that meant and how hard it would be to accomplish those goals. Needless to say, I am still working hard to make these goals a reality. 

When I started FT, I had osteoporosis. I was so upset about this diagnosis from my doctor that I knew it was time to get serious about exercise. The fact that I also had to take medication was unsettling. My doctor told me strength training would help so FT was really important to me from the beginning. My biggest accomplishment is the fact that I do not now have osteoporosis* and I am not on medication. My doctor told me the strength training was the reason I had reversed this condition*. The fear of having big muscles and bulking up had always made me shy away from using weights. Now I understand that as you train muscles to lift more weight, your bones become more dense. Of course if you ask any of the trainers, each one would tell you that I need lots of reminders about this fact!

When I started FT I was really nervous and insecure, but all the trainers are so positive and encouraging that those feelings soon disappeared. When you are working out, you don't have time to worry! I still don't think I am the person to give anyone advice about exercise, weight or health issues. I have a long way to go before I reach my personal goals. I do honestly believe that sticking with a program at FT will make you feel better and have more energy. Being consistent with your workouts and making exercise a priority is the key. FT makes that possible because of their commitment to each individual client, their constant encouragement, and their ability to make you go beyond what you think you can do! 




After *


" are never too old or too out of shape to begin a fitness program with FT"

I began my fitness journey in Connecticut in January 2012 and continued until my retirement and move to Alabama in March 2013. My strength had been increasing but I was not seeing any results on the scale and thought I that I needed a different approach to training and FT offered a unique (to me) approach to overall health and fitness, so I gave it a try.

My main goal upon joining FT was weight loss and muscle toning. I was sufficiently impressed during my initial client interview with Kris Dixon and the FT approach including the nutritional aspect of the program that I joined along with my wife Amy, and have enjoyed my past sessions and look forward to the future. My goals have not changed other than nutrition plays a bigger part in my overall health than it did in the past.

My biggest personal accomplishment is losing over 30 pounds* of weight and increasing my strength and endurance to levels I have not attained since my early 20's. I think two very important milestones I have accomplished in my training is being able to do over 40 pushups during evaluation and reducing my mile time every evaluation. These may not seem important goals to the readership, but to me they are cornerstones of my fitness improvement and I am proud of them.

My overall health has greatly improved and with the weight loss has come the benefits of lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels* and my energy level is very high.

I started FT at age 65 and could not do 5 pushups. By working hard and following the program from a nutritional and cardio prospective, I have been able to accomplish a fitness level that I never thought possible. My sage advice is that you are never too old or too out of shape to begin a fitness program with FT as it is tailored to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and with the trainers help and your own hard work, the results can and will be there.

I would like to give a major shoutout to Amy my wife for her encouragement, and to my trainers Kris, Will, Bryan, Latrice, and Jen for their dedication, encouragement and support. FT is like a home away from home for me, as the trainers have great personalities and working out, although still very challenging, is made to be very fun and rewarding!

Amy Morissette

"The nutrition counseling has been very helpful! It's not dieting, it's just eating better..."


 After moving back to Auburn/Opelika, where I grew up, I knew I wanted to continue working out.  Fitness Together was recommended to me and I decided to give it a try.   I was impressed from the very beginning after making the initial phone call to set up my first consultation appointment.  I was excited about working one-on-one with a personal trainer.

 I joined Fitness Together in January 2013 and my main goal when I started was to lose weight.   After six months I can truthfully say, I have lost weight*, but more importantly I have become stronger, more agile, more flexible, more toned, and I feel good all the time - mentally and physically.   That is saying a lot for 63 year old.

 I had knee surgery in 2007 for a torn meniscus in my right knee and have never been able to use an elliptical machine because it caused pain in that knee.   The biggest accomplishment I have made is that now I can use the elliptical machine to do my running and it doesn't hurt my knee.   The second biggest accomplishment I have made was flipping the BIG tire in the back parking lot.   I had no idea I was strong enough to do that, but I did it!!!

 The results of the total body work outs plus changing eating habits has been amazing!   The nutrition counseling has been very helpful!  It's not dieting, it's just eating better and knowing the right kinds of foods to eat.

 The trainers at Fitness Together are more than awesome!   They are fantastic!   They challenge me during every workout, but they also encourage me!   Every time I step foot inside the door of Fitness Together I am always welcomed with positive attitudes from the trainers.   Their positive attitudes, their high-fives, and their laughter makes working out fun, even though it is difficult!

 I would recommend Fitness Together to everyone!   The trainers are always on top of your progress, checking on you and making adjustments if something is not working.   Thanks to the trainers at Fitness Together I am on track to a total body transformation!

Brooke "Brookey" Myers

"You Have to Make a Lifestyle Change!"


I chose Fitness Together because something attracts me to you guys more than anywhere else. I'm not a fan of big gym settings. The way you guys are set up where it's private and not like you're working out in the middle of a three ring circus is awesome. It makes it much more comfortable and I know my workouts benefit from that feeling.  

My main goal when I came to Fitness Together was pretty simple: lose weight. At first I got hung up on the number on the scale and when it didn't go down as quickly as I thought it should I got a little frustrated. What Kris helped me realize was with the workouts I was doing I was gaining a lot of muscle and I would start to see results that may have nothing to do with the scale. I had always heard that muscle is heavier than fat but I'm a visual person so I Googled what 5 lbs of fat looked like versus 5 lbs of muscle. That's when I realized it's not all about that number on the scale at all. Even though the scale was saying I hadn't lost that much weight my clothes were telling a much different story*. What's important now? Being physically and mentally healthier, stronger and accomplishing goals that I never thought I could. The number on the scale has started falling as well but I just look at that as an extra perk and not the big picture.
There have been so many things that have changed about me since I began it's really hard to pick one. I learned at 36 how to jump rope, I finished a 5k mud run completing all the obstacles and I can swim laps in the pool for an hour without stopping. There's one thing those have in common, they were all totally out of my comfort zone. Kris and Will make me step out of my comfort zone regularly and the growth I've experienced from that is as important as the changes they are helping me make physically.
My biggest accomplishment is that I give blood on a regular basis. The last time I gave my blood pressure and resting heart rate showed a major improvement. I'm really proud of that.
There is no secret. You have to make a lifestyle change and it's not near as scary or hard as you may build it up to be in your head. After you get into the good habits that they teach you at Fitness Together you feel so much better you won't want to go back. They push you to YOUR limit, whether your trying to do your first push up or you're trying to increase your 40 yard dash speed. It's not easy and you have to do your part and put in the work but I promise you the guys at Fitness Together will give you all the tools you need to reach your goals and will exceed their end of the deal.

Wendee McGuffee

Wendee went from size 14 jeans to size 6!

As a second year vet student, I had fallen into the lifestyle of living off of pizza and coke.   Because of my student schedule, I had also really slowed down on my physical activities which had previously meant taking care of a large number of horses including things such as constantly moving hay bales, feed bags, etc.  Needless to say, I was quickly gaining weight and losing muscle. 

 Several years ago I had a spinal fusion, and I knew that gaining extra weight couldn't be good on my back.  I had to do something, but joining a gym for me would be pointless.  I was afraid of working out incorrectly and injuring myself, and I also knew that I would get bored and would quickly make up excuses not to go.  I had thought about trying a personal trainer, so when I saw a Fitness Together ad, I decided to go for a consultation and give them a try.  I started working out with FT in September of 2012 just after school had started.

When I started, I couldn't run a mile, couldn't do 5 push-ups, and had very little stamina.  My initial goal was simply to lose a little weight and maybe tone up a little.  I wanted to see if I could make enough of an improvement that my husband would notice when he came home from Afghanistan in December.  By the time December came....I had lost 20 lbs.*, toned up, increased my stamina, was entering 5K races (and running the entire distance), and was lifting some weight that I thought was impressive for me.  How could my hubby not notice!!

When I started with FT six months ago, I was wearing a size 14.  I just bought a pair of size 6 jeans*!  My stamina and strength continue to improve and I just feel better overall!  Unfortunately FT hasn't been able to make vet school any easier, but they have made surviving it easier.  With my improved health and diet, I can handle stress better, sleep better (when I get the chance), and have better study habits due to an increased energy level.  I have also gained the confidence in myself to try new things such as entering more 5K benefit road races, and repelling off of a 20 story building for charity!  A year ago...this wasn't happening!  All of these are benefits that I wasn't expecting.

 My advice to those struggling with weight, eating or health issues is that you shouldn't go it alone.  You need help, support, and encouragement.  You will get all of that at Fitness Together!  They have a great team and support system.  They are going to work you hard, but they do it safely with a lot of encouragement along the way.  If you put in the effort, you will see results!  Remember, I was the girl with the 'bad back' who probably needs to slow down and take it easy.  Yeah....whatever!!

Jeff Skinner

Knowledge is Power!

Before becoming a client of fitness together I had been participating in another fitness program. While I saw results from that, the idea of a personal trainer was very appealing to me. In addition I had reached a plateau. Upon meeting with Vanessa, The owner, I decided to “give it a try.” I began Fitness Together approximately 8 weeks ago. In this short period of time I have lost 12 lbs*, and I have been informed by my physician that my diabetes has been reversed*. The trainers are friendly and professional. They do a great job of tailoring the workout to my specific needs and have personalities with depth. They can converse on a personal level to make me as a client feel appreciated, but are always on task! They are always considerate of my time and schedule, which is very full. The workout routines are varied enough that I do not become bored, and consistent enough that I see results. Not only have I lost weight but my friends and family have all commented on how healthy I look. FT’s approach to fitness is one of education. Unlike the large gyms, the trainers at Fitness Together seek to teach me how to eat healthy, and how each individual exercise benefits the total body. By teaching me about my personal fitness, they have not only met my immediate need; they have equipped me with the knowledge to manage my own health. This allows me maintain my fitness for the rest of my life. I am a believer! No more fad diets or crash diets that provide short term results without lasting change*! Thanks to the people at Fitness together I am on track to a total body transformation which has implications in every other area of my life*!

After *


Persistence gets results

 I was conned...I mean convinced to try Fitness Together by my good friend Carolyn (a former Client of the Month).  She'd been after me for a few months to come with her but I had all my excuses.  It was "too far, couldn't afford it, prefer walking"...etc.  But when they announced the Jean Challenge, I came around.

   Initially, I simply wanted to lose two jean sizes as advertised*.  But over time it's become more about health and strength training.  When I started, I'd just been diagnosed with a form of arthritis....heck  my knees hurt just walking up and down stairs.  And I knew the extra weight I was carrying around couldn't be helping.

   Okay, so Carolyn didn't tell me that we'd be doing tons of squats.  And when Will and Kris would push me to go lower, I would actively resist.  It just hurt and I wasn't convinced that squats were helping with the joint pain.  But they kept telling me it would help...and they were right.  One of the more surprising benefits is that I have less joint pain and greater flexibility than when I started.  I hardly notice pain in my knees now and it's because the muscles around the kneecap better support me.

My most significant accomplishment is visible muscle tone in my arms and legs*.  At 52, I didn't have much hope of achieving definition.  I'd resigned myself that my athletic days were far behind me.  But I've found that persistence gets results.  Still, I'm probably the first one in the pack to say "that's not humanly possible" when they demonstrate certain exercises.  But the truth is that I like a challenge and will give it my best effort.  Kris teases me about getting him "off topic" ...really I'm just trying to get a breather... whew!

   These trainers are awesome....Kris, Will and Vanessa are all knowledgeable, encouraging and firm when they need to be.  As Will says...'you have to push your body to do what it won't do in order to get results' or something to that effect.    He says a lot of things but mostly he's a great motivator of people.  And Kris is quite the  taskmaster but he's funny and focused (and knows his stuff) .  And Vanessa is always thinking of ways to improve their program and motivate clients.  Everyone there works to vary the workouts so it's never boring.  Boredom and routine would always trip me up before. 

  Now I'm three sizes down* and 20 pounds* lighter from when I reluctantly walked in the door.  I still have more to lose but I feel tremendous.  My best advice is to find a diet that works for you and stick with it.  All the exercise will be for naught if your diet is unchanged.   I actually lost 18 pounds* before I started the Jean Challenge so all total it's nearly 40 pounds* since January.   And I have you all to thank....the trainers and my fellow pack members.  Going it alone wasn't working for me but Fitness Together has changed my life.  


Rhonda Whaley

Loving lifting weights again!

Fitness Together was very appealing to me because I was ready for someone else to make decisions on what my workouts would look like. When I started Fitness Together, I had 4 children at home. Two teenagers and a 4 year old and 7 year old.  I was frankly tired of making any decisions and "what body part I was going to work out" was one of them. My goal when I came was to lose weight and to lift up my sagging, sagging everything. Having been an athlete/working out for most of my life, I am pretty hard on myself. I needed a change and I needed someone to hold me accountable and tell ME what to Fitness Together was my answer.

 I started with one on one training. In the 2 1/2 years I have been there, I have met some wonderful trainers, who I now call my friends. They have each taught me different work out styles and have brought something different to the table with every work out. I have lost the weight I wanted to lose*, I have run distances I never thought I could and most importantly, I am loving lifting weights again!  I am now doing the Pack Training and am loving every workout with that as well. I love the variations of exercises and I love that every workout is something different.

After *

Michelle Washington

No fad diets needed

I walked in off the streets after being diagnosed as a borderline diabetic with a blood sugar level of 144. I refused to have the prescription filled that my doctor gave me and left his office and met with Vanessa on the same day. She asked to come in the next day for a trial session. It was hard but I felt great later that day. I have exercised weekly with the personal trainers since March 2010. I have since lost over 50 lbs* by training with Chase, Chris, Vanessa and the other trainers and kept the weight off. I am not taking any medication for diabetes and my blood sugar ranges between 86 - 90*. I have tried all methods of weight loss. My training sessions and the knowledge gain from the nutrition sessions have been the best weight maintenance plan for me compared to all the fad diets and programs that I have previously participated in. The relationships that I have developed with my trainers holds me accountable for eating right and working hard to reach the weight and fitness goals that we develop together. I have not yet reached my overall weight goal, but I am happy to have a plan and a great team of trainers to help me get there in a safe and healthy way.

Carmen Beverly

Never Give Up!

Carmen first came to Fitness Together when a friend of hers, who was already a client, referred her.  She decided that she finally needed to break down and get a personal trainer because she had had problems in the past with injuries while exercising and wanted to try a gym that provided more personalized attention to their clients. 

When she started her main goal was to avoid complications from diabetes. It turns out she's done so well her doctor has informed her that she does not have diabetes*!  Go Carmen!

Throughout her time at Fitness Together, Carmen has faced some major challenges which have caused her to have major accomplishments as well. She was wrongfully diagnosed with cancer by three doctors this year, but still ran two 5K's and continued working out at our studio. She said, "I don't like running but (I) recommend it much more than chemotherapy!".

Carmen also shared some of the unexpected benefits from working out a Fitness Together. She said, "The staff at Fitness Together are very professional trainers but I also find that they have become good friends. Their support, thoughts, and prayers have really helped me through a hard year".

I think that all clients should use one of Carmen's quotes when struggling with weight or any health issues. "It's all in your mind!  If you think you can... everybody better get out of your way!  Some days you are going to doubt yourself... just change your mind!".

Shelly Riddle

" I would definitely recommend Fitness Together for anyone looking to improve their health and overall well being."

I am a busy Mother of three little boys 18 months apart, the last two being twins!  I was out of shape, tired all the time and over 40.  Much of the last 8 years have been devoted to caring for the needs of my family and neglecting my own.   Heart disease runs rampant  in my family with my Dad having quintuple bypass heart surgery at the young age of 61.   

With the boys all in school this year, I knew it was time for me to get into shape.  Where do I begin, I asked myself?   I was walking in the neighborhood but I knew I needed more.  I could go to a gym but I would not know where to start.  I sure didn't want to go in there, start lifting weights and hurt myself.

That is why I chose Fitness Together.  I knew there I would get the personalized attention to help me reach my goals.  My boys keep me busy which helps me keep my weight down but I needed to tone up and get in shape.  My main goals were to get stronger, have more energy and get my heart into shape.  Over the last 5 months at Fitness Together with some great trainers and encouragers, I feel like I have reached those goals.  I am definitely stronger, more tone and energetic*!  My kids love it because I can play football, soccer, and whatever other kind of ball they want to play in the yard for a longer period of time. 

I also have learned the importance of nutrition, choosing the right kinds of food and eating more often.  As I kept my food diary, the trainers were great in helping me go over this and offer suggestions on improvement.  I would definitely recommend Fitness Together for anyone looking to improve their health and overall well being*. 

Jonathan Knight

My advice for those beginning or struggling with a fitness plan is to stay with it."

I joined Fitness Together over the summer, just right after Independence Day.  I had been telling myself that I needed to start working out, but there was always some excuse. Whether it was a work deadline or an upcoming trip, my procrastinating mind would always tell me to wait.  I knew that if I went back to a traditional gym or health club, history would repeat itself.  Mindlessly going for a few weeks with no results and left with nothing more than a recurring credit card charge for the next year.

That is what brought me to FT.  I wanted the benefit of a structured workout and someone to help me along the way. Results have come relatively quickly for me.  At my initial assessment in July, I could barely get through 10 push-ups and embarrassed to even recall what my bench press was.  Today I can run a 7 minute mile, I can do 60 push-ups with no problem, and My Zone is no longer perpetually red*.

My original goal was to “get in shape,” but I think that has evolved over the past few months.  Now that I see and feel results, I simply want to do more. Whether it’s adding more lean muscle or seeing how faster I can run a mile, I think that working with the FT trainers has put me in a new mindset to achieve these goals.

My advice for those beginning or struggling with a fitness plan is to stay with it.  I know that’s an age-old bit of advice, but I think it rings true.

Sherri Rainer

"So glad I don't need a New Year's Resolution this year because I have FT!"

I came to Fitness Together in September 2014 after struggling to get my strength and stamina back from an ankle injury.  After trying and failing on my own, I knew I needed help.  When I talked with the FT staff, I was impressed with their professionalism and overall approach to fitness. The one-on-one training gave me the confidence to work out without the worry of re-injury.  Who knew I would have so much fun in the process?!  I actually look forward to going to a work out and can't believe I've not missed a session.

Surprisingly, I never walk away from a session without feeling encouraged.  It helps to have someone reminding me to stay positive and pointing out how much I have accomplished so far.   I also enjoy the nutritional information and ideas on what to eat.  Not being overweight and gluten-free by choice, I thought I was hitting the mark when it came to nutrition.  When I started tracking my nutrition and talking with the FT staff, I couldn't believe how much I needed to adjust and how it helped my energy level and muscle development*.  It was tough to cut a lot of the fat out of my diet, but I've traded the fat for lean protein and am enjoying my daily protein shake.  I would never have made this change on my own and can feel and see the difference.  And seriously, once in a while I can still enjoy some Cherry Garcia ice cream and know I've worked hard for it!

If like me, you've tried all you know to do to get better and failed, I hope you will team up with someone for help.  I can't imagine better help than the Fitness Together staff!  Thank you Bryan, Hanson, Latrice, and Chris!

Brandi Smith

"My advice for anyone who is struggling daily with their weight, working out, self-esteem, etc. is to take one day at a time, and DON’T QUIT!"

Hi! My name is Brandi Smith. I joined Fitness Together in March of 2014 because I felt that their program of one-on-one strength training and nutritional consults would help me to obtain my goals of losing weight, toning my body, and developing an overall healthier diet. I have always been very intimidated by public workout facilities because I did not feel that I knew enough to workout by myself in front of others.

Working one-on-one with Kris, Latrice, and Bryan has helped me to overcome this feeling. The entire staff has been very patient and encouraging. When I first ran a mile on my initial fitness assessment, it took me over 12 minutes; now, I can run it in 10 minutes or less*. The first month was definitely hard, especially since I was trying to change my lifestyle with dieting and exercise. However, little by little, I have started to see changes in my body. I have lost body fat, pounds on the scale, as well as toned my entire body*.

One of the biggest differences that I have noticed is how much more energy I have throughout the rest of my day! I feel so much better about myself, and I am less likely to cheat in my diet now because I know the sacrifice that I have paid. It has been a sacrifice for me to join Fitness Together. I have had to lay down my old ways of behavior, but it has been totally worth it!!! I have struggled all my life with my weight and feeling good about myself, but I know that I am finally taking the right pathway to success!

My advice for anyone who is struggling daily with their weight, working out, self-esteem, etc. is to take one day at a time, and DON’T QUIT! There have been days when I just don’t feel like working out, but I have pushed through them, and the rewards have been so much better than if I had said, “Well, there’s always tomorrow.” Today is the day! Now is the time! Do whatever it takes to reach your goals and feel better about yourself. I believe that Fitness Together is the perfect place to help you start achieving your goals! 

After *

Carolyn Donegan

Personal training gets results!

I joined Fitness Together because I had become extremely unhappy with my self image.  At 5'6", the 194 pounds that I was carrying around made me very uncomfortable in my own skin.  I've lost 40 lbs of fat*, gone down two pant sizes* and gained more energy and flexibility than I've had in years.  Having a personal trainer really works!*

August 2014
March 2015
After *

Fred Holton

My main goal was to lose weigh initially, but my goals have changed...

I have used a personal trainer in the past and got great results as they motivate me during workouts.  I chose Fitness Together because it is close to work and they seemed to really care about what your goals were and how to better help you achieve them.  My main goal was originally to lose weight, but my goals have changed after the initial weight loss*.  My goals now focus on achieving a better overall condition, such as more endurance and less body fat.  My biggest accomplishment has been my improvement from first fitness assessment to numbers from second assessment. There was a dramatic difference. The unexpected benefits have been an improvement in not experiencing joint pain from carrying around all the excess weight.  The one piece of advice I could give anyone struggling would be don't let one bad day or bad meal discourage your from getting back to your routine of trying to improve yourself.