Get Back in the Game Rules!

Are you ready for the football game that can change your life?

In order to participate in the Get Back in the Game Challenge I suppose you need to know the rules, huh? 

Well, here are the official rules of Get Back in the Game! For every one of these tasks that you complete, or lack thereof, you gain or lose yards. Whoever accumulates the most touchdowns throughout the 8 week challenge wins!

We want to focus on the nutritional aspect of fitness since that seems to be the hardest concept for most to grasp/ take advantage of, so nutritional taks will be weighted with more yards either (+ or -) 

Get started

Reserve your game piece (helmet) on the sign-up sheet


Complete the Hand-off 

  • (Fill out your Nutrition Together Accountability Journal and hand it off to your trainer for verification, get 15 yards for each week you fill out. Must be checked weekly.) All or Nothing

15 yards

Get the extra yard

  • (Put in the extra effort and come in for an “extra” session - ie. if you’re a 3x/wk client, then coming in 4x) 4th= $12

10 yards for each extra session

On Fire

  • Did Cardio in-studio post work-out

15 min = 5 yards

30 min = 10 yards

Reach Your Goal

  • (Set a Goal for November 8th and Hit It) SMART goal. Trainer approved and written down before commencement of challege

15 yards

Huddle Up

  • (Come in for one of September's or October's group NT sessions)

30 yards

Lateral to a Teammate

  • (Get your friends & family in the game. Bring in a Buddy to participate in a free trial PACK session.)

25 yards

Draft a Winning Team

  • (Start and Fill Your Own PACK)

2 Person Pack = 30 yards

3 Person Pack = 40 yards

4 Person Pack = 50 yards

In Your Facemask

  • (No call, no show to your session)

-25 yards


  • Coming to pack less than 3x a week


- 25 yards


  • Not using Nutrition Together Sessions (1per month)

-15 yards



3 top prizes will be awarded:

1st Place

($400 Worth in prizes)

2nd Place

($200 Worth in prizes)

3rd Place

($100 Worth in prizes)




Change Your Life