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What's the best thing a working mom can do to stay in shape?

What's the best thing a working mom can do to stay in shape?

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A working mom is in a position where her health and fitness levels are super important just to do life. The more energy she has the more ability she will have to perform her duties as a mom, employee, wife, and all around person who needs to get things done. Because of her time constraints, this working mom should set aside 10-15 minutes a day aside, and exercise at the highest intensity she can handle for those ten minutes. Doing this should put her in a place where she can burn close to 300 kcal in this time. On days where she finds herself with a few more minutes, may be do it twice.   

--Will Willing


A good number of ours clients are mothers.  Not surprisingly, when they first come to us they all deal with the same issue: putting everyone and everything else before themselves.  This tends to be a natural trait of most women, and this is only compounded and reinforced by having children. 

Mothers need to break this habit of placing self-care at the bottom of their priority list.  The best I can put it is analogous to an airplane’s safety procedures:  put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.

Understandably, time is usually the main constraint for moms.  With that said, doing your workouts first thing in the morning will not only reduce the chances of skipping it, but will also energize you to face the day ahead.  Also, your workouts don’t need to be long.  If you only have 30 minutes, that’s plenty of time to give you great results as long as you exercise consistently and at a high intensity.  Seek the advice from a certified personal trainer if you need guidance on how to develop a well-rounded routine and to determine the right intensity for you.

--Vanessa Ocasio