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Nutrition Together - Special Talks Series

Nutrition Together - Special Talks Series

Vanessa Ocasio, CPT


We're proud to introduce our very first Nutririon Together Special Talks series, just in time to give you the edge you need to win The Great Jeans Challenge!  

This month we're happy to bring Registered Dietician and certified personal trainer Kate Kirby to lead these very informative seminars.  

 Some of the topics involved include:

  • Goals of mindful eating = develop better self-awareness & develop healthier relationships with food 
  • What is mindfulness?
  • Self acceptance versus criticism
  • Describe and discuss the 7 types of hunger
  • Guidelines to mindful eating

The seminars will be divided into two sessions lasting about an hour each.  We will include some refreshments as well as practical/tasting exercises.

Session 1 will be offered at two different times in April:

  • Tuesday April the 10th @ 9:00AM
  • Thursday April the 12th @ 6:45PM

Call, email, or talk to an FT trainer to register to one of these sessions.  You don't want to miss this!!