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Local Produce Delivery

Local Produce Delivery

Brooke Peace Harris

Do you struggle with getting your daily intake of veggies? Maybe you don't know what to buy OR you don't have the time to shop? What if those veggies could be delivered to you once a week? Sounds pretty amazing, right? 

Here in the Auburn/Opelika area we're lucky enough to have three local nurseries/farms that deliver fresh, local and no use or low use of insecticides! Randle Farms, Hornsby Farms and The Market at Blooming Colors all offer this service at an affordable price. 

These produce deliveries offer a great variety of seasonal items. It takes the guess work out of 'what are we going to cook this week?' Its easy to plan meals with these delicious  options on hand! 

You'll want to contact each place directly to find out what is in season, how to register for baskets and inquire on price. Some require you 'buy in' for the season (3-4 months)... others will let you purchase week to week. Some families and friends prefer to purchase the large quantifies and divide them up after pickup. There are lots of great options here!

Blooming Colors offers a small basket ($25) that offers 9 produce items at 1-2 servings each. Randle Farms has a great seasonal variety in the summer and the locals are envious of the sweet blueberries that are delivered for weeks! You may not be aware that Hornsby Farms produce is served at local restaurants including Acre and Countrys Barbecue.

Give it a try to cook fresh and eat local!