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Leave Paula Deen alone!

Leave Paula Deen alone!

Vanessa Ocasio, CPT


By now many of you have heard the news about Southern darling Paula Deen and her Type 2 diabetes.  Shortly after the "announcement," while browsing through Facebook, I bumped into Dr. Andrew Weil's opinion on Paula Deen's diabetes and cooking style .

Ok... first of all, I am a fan of Dr. Weil, which is why I found his commentary on Facebook to begin with.   But with all due respect, please mind your own business Dr. Weil!   I am sick and tired of people making celebrities to be some kind of sacred roles models whose whole purpose in life is to lead us into health, sanity, and salvation!  Folks, wake up!!  If Paula Dean wants to put an entire stick of butter into her recipe, let her be!  As far as I know, she hasn't been breaking into people's homes forcing them to cook this way with a gun pointed to their heads.   

Please take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.  Stop reading the tabloids to find out what new diet keeps Angelina Jolie so thin and stop eating butter-laden sweets just because they're in Paula Deen's recipe book.  Get over your delusions that celebrities are supposed to be your heroes and role models. And if Dr. Weil wants to pick on Ms. Deen, perhaps he should start writing essays urging the government to control beer sales to 1 or 2 cases a month, or to make cigarette sales outright illegal.  Ha ha... funny. But just following the same logic here.

The moral of the story is two-fold:  1). If you need advice on healthy eating and other healthy lifestyle habits, talk to a professional (i.e. a medical doctor, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, etc), not a celebrity, even if they can cook; and 2). Moderation is key.  Southern fried chicken won't kill you, if you have it every now and then. And just for the record, I have been seen ordering fried chicken at Pannie George's by a client! Busted!!

Eat well, eat in moderation, and eat healthy.

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