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Do I really hate nutrition???

Do I really hate nutrition???


As much as I love my health and fitness levels achieved, I am nowhere close to where I want to be in my health and fitness. There are still limitations and barriers I would love to overcome. There always seems to be more weight to put on the bars, and more miles to run. It seems to never end. And that is ok. I love the work aspect of training. The discipline to arise early and start to grapple with gravity as I attempt to push my body past the goals I have already achieved. The feeling of attaining a new goal, and feeling my strength and fitness levels rising, as if I were watching a video of the sun rising, to its going down in fast forward. But the one area that I know is fundamentally important to my training goals I hate the most and find it the most challenging. My nutrition. Sometimes I wish I could just go extra hours in the gym and not have to worry about how I fuel my body or give it the materials to recover from the pounding I just put on myself. I know as a trainer that without the right nutrition and supplements I am just spinning my tires in the mud and getting nowhere. And I as I sit and think about the importance of my nutrition, I suddenly realize that I don't hate this aspect of training, I realize that this is part of the battle, the discipline, and joy of living a healthy lifestyle. The fact that I have the control to make sure I am eating the calories and nutrients needed for the day, and have the power to say no to something that would be detrimental to my goals. I realize I love the nutritional battle and the inner struggle I go through against foods that taste good, but are not good. This is why I train, this is why I love my health, and this is why I love this lifestyle... this is the training life...